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Saturday Salmagundi

What’s a Salmagundi, you ask? Well, I’m glad you asked; and I’ll tell you:

I don’t know, exactly.

It’s a great word, though, you have to admit. Actually, a quick search finds the answer: It’s a salad dish from England’s 17th century. It had some of this, a bit of that, and whatever you could find to […]

“Bond. James Bond. Heated, not Scorched.”

Sean Sir Sean Connery has a dirty little secret. No, it’s not all those pictures in ladie’s clothing; those are called kilts. And no, he’s not ashamed of being placed on The List, even though everybody now has to call him “Sir” or risk the extreme displeasure of the Queen.

No, his secret isn’t anything quite […]

Friday Follies IX

We’re Baaaack! Time for another edition of funny food, and the people who make it that way…

Burger King Management: “Damn the Economy! Full Steam Ahead!”

Who cares that there’s a recession looming? Burger King certainly doesn’t seem to. A recent announcement indicates they will release the world’s most expensive cheeseburger in the U.K. – A whopping […]

Friday Follies VIII

As the Holiday season approaches I thought I’d share some festive colors and a bit of news that’ll make you smile. First, though, I have to report on the Grinch, English style…

The New International Face of Ronald McDonald

The English reputation as a land of cheesed-off, narky misanthropes has been validated once again. Seems with Christmas […]