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Movin’ On Up! Daughterperson’s Back to College

My daughter and all my money go to Texas Lutheran. It’s a good thing, really. She’s getting a top-notch education, she’s earning great grades while enjoying herself, and someday she’ll be able to support me in a lifestyle to which I hope to become accustomed. Maybe.

However, the odyssey isn’t over yet. Still lots of […]

Round Rock Rollickin’ Ribfest and Texas Chicken Dance Championships

The fateful day has finally arrived. Although her birthday isn’t until next week, she’s now officially 40. And after that insane donnybrook mayhem and merrymaking boisterous party the Chile Underground may never be the same…

After an early start to the day, cleaning and prepping (mostly sou-chef chores), we got the house in pretty spiffy […]

Friday Follies: Really Hot Pizza, and a Sinful Feast (For Your Eyes)

Like many Americans, I love pizza. I like to make my own, which is maybe not the norm these days. I also like to go to good pizzerias and get a fresh pie now and again.

However, I’m not a pizza snob. I don’t know the real difference between Chicago style pizza and New York […]

Bacon Redux: Pillows to Sweden, and More on the Bacon Explosion

Ah, those fun-loving Swedes. Inventors of Swedish Meatballs, Fondue and the Smörgåsbord, they have a long tradition of great food innovations over the centuries. (They used to be all about conquering the world, but they’ve given that up for civilization in the last few centuries.)

Now they’ve caught the bacon craze. And are importing Bacon Pillows. […]

Restaurant Review Update: Fujian Grand China Buffet Restaurant

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My father-in-law and I made a run to the Big City for “parts.” (That’s code for, we’re going stir-crazy in this ol’ Ranch house with all the kids and dogs and leftovers.) We had a few legitimate chores, but naturally we took the opportunity to eat out.

It’s […]

F4F: Tom Yam Soup Your Way

This is the last Fish 4 Friday before Turkey Day hits us in the beltline. With cold weather now affecting most of us (in North America, at least), I decided to take us back to the Tropics with a healthful, spicy dish that also fills our craving for soup:

Tom Yam Soup Your Way

This is a […]

Restaurant Review: Fujian Grand China Buffet, Austin

This entry is part of a series, Restaurants»

I’ve been to Xiamen, China several times, and enjoy the food there very much. (Xiamen is in Fujian Province, for those without a China map handy.) Because of that, I watched with interest as the Old San Francisco Steakhouse in Austin morphed into the Fujian Grand China […]

Restaurant Review: Chola Indian Restaurant

This entry is part of a series, Restaurants»

I’ve been home from India for a few weeks now, and although I’ve cooked some nice curries since, I don’t have the time (or the appetite) to make several entrées and all the trimmings for a simple lunch.

So I’m lucky that I have a great Indian buffet […]