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Brain Food: Broccoli, the Veggie That Presidents Love to Hate

This entry is part of a series, Brain Food»

Ah, the lowly broccoli plant. One of Nature’s “good foods,” packing in plenty of nutrients and very low in calories. It’s a nearly ideal weight-loss food, as it provides most of the essential amino acids as well as several important vitamins. It’s great for diabetics, […]

Recipe du Jour III: A Tamale You Don't Have to Unshuck

This entry is part of a series, RdJ»

I like tamales. I must admit, the first few times I tried them I wasn’t sure; those corn shucks sure can be chewy and stringy! Just kidding. (You knew that, yes? Right??) They cook up easy, and you can put all sorts of stuff in them […]

The World's Finest Soupfest at the White House

The Occasionally Annual White House Soupfest, Domino Marathon and Bragging Contest made its biggest showing in decades on Saturday. We had folks from far and wide stop by, set a spell and eat. Man, did we eat! Then, when we couldn’t force any more calories down the pipe we broke out the dominoes and […]

Month of Eating Dangerously: Shepherd's Pie With an Unusual Twist

The month is off to a good start here in Lake Wobegon South. I’ve found several nice recipes to share with you over the next few weeks. The only issue is, it’s Really Cold here in Texas! (How cold is it?) It’s so cold:

Hitchhikers are using signs of thumbs.
The 911 exchange has a recorded […]

Spicy Italian Month Continues: Spicy Swiss Steak a la Alton

The Chile Underground’s award-winning Spicy Italian Month continues with increasing intensity and interest. The Underground’s StatPress numbers are about average disappointing me no end way up, nearly an astonishing 118%, give or take a hundred percent or so. (I’m a statistician on the side, I just forget whose side that is.) With numbers like […]

Tis the Season: Root for Vegetables!

Not everything on the Underground’s Yule Feast table is strange and different. (The diners, that’s quite another matter.) One vegetable that has to make a Holiday appearance is the humble potato. Whipped, mashed, fried, roasted, boiled or baked, the potato is too versatile to leave out.

We also like onions this time of year, and mushrooms […]

After Thanksgiving: So Much Turkey, So Little Appetite

By this time in the Thanksgiving cycle, most folks are hoping to hit the drive-through to avoid leftovers. There are a lot of nice dishes in those esteemed remnants! Don’t toss them out, and for sure don’t let them go to waste.

Here are some clever ways to turn unappealing surplus turkey and vegetables into tasty […]