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Archie the Garden Cat

Gardening is sometimes hard work, and if it’s a solitary pursuit like mine, it can get, well, boring. Water the weeds, feed the bugs. Wait, wait, wait. Wonder what else should be done. But mostly, it’s work-work-work.

If you have a companion to share the load with, everything gets easier. After all, the vegetables aren’t great […]

Slow Cookers for Pets, and The Blob Strikes Again

This entry is part of a series, Follies 2012»

There are times I simply have to shake my head and say, “Only in a free America.” Today’s Follies examines two items that indicate crossing trends. At the moment, these trends strongly indicate we’re taking better care of our pets’ nutrition than we are our children’s. […]

I Guess I Need to Change My Cat’s Name…

This entry is part of a series, Follies 2012»

Animals. Pets. We don’t always give them enough credit. They’re smarter than we might realize. Provided they have the right name…

A woman, Amy Jung, was recently saved by a cat she adopted. The woman is diabetic. Although she originally visited the shelter with no intention of […]

So Long, Suzie Q, Rest Easy Now…

Suzie started life as a variegated furball, bright eyes and a curiosity that often didn’t bode well for her longevity, nine lives or no. She and Archie became playmates after we rescued them from two different litters at the Ranch. Sonia adopted them right away, and to their credit, they never showed any fear […]

Not a Great Start…

I’m posting remotely today; the Internet’s down (didn’t I predict that yesterday?), so no great pics. Besides, I’m too depressed to write much; I had to take Suzie Q to the vet this morning, and she was too sick (and in too much pain) to continue.

I really hate it when that happens…