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Welcome to September! Too Bad It's Not Really Fall Yet...

September has snuck up on us, it seems. “Time sneaks up on you like a windshield on a bug,” John Lithgow once stated. Seems he was right, at least this once…

Of course, the start of September (or any other month) is a man-made delineation, and the seasons usually ignore such artificial markers and go […]

Sorry to Burst Your Bubble, But RO*TEL Plus Velveeta Does Not Equal Queso

A recent post on Slashfood asks, “What the hell is that?” The author, Jose Ralat Maldonado, explored the “queso” that is Velveeta and RO*TEL prepared tomatoes and chiles (and that’s the last time I’ll use that silly trademark). One of his premises is that Texans love the stuff. Another is that this mix was […]

World Championship Chili Cookoff in West Virginia? Say It Ain’t So, Joe!

I was cruising that World Wide Web thingie, looking for important regional cooking events to give everybody a heads-up about, when I saw some disturbing news. The International Chili Society will be holding their World Championship Chili Cookoff in Charleston, West Virginia tihs year! Yeah; you read that right. How could they move it […]

The Irish Food Effect

I’ve been reading too much about Irish food; now I’m scared. I don’t mind the meat-and-potatoes aspect of their cuisine. No, it’s the lack of chile peppers that has me concerned.

I need to get a two-week supply of capsaicin stored in my fatty tissue muscles! I’m on my way to the store to get […]

Review: Mesa Rosa Mexican Restaurant

This entry is part of a series, Restaurants»

When my wife and I moved back to the Republic after completing our “missionary work” (four years in purgatory proselytizing to the heathens in the wilderness of Michigan, up near Santa’s house somewhere), we lived for a short while way out northwest of the city. We were […]

Halloween Hangover Got You Down? You Need Chili!

Kids and parents alike can get a Halloween hangover from all the sugar and poor nutrition. I think the worst day is November 2, actually. The night of Halloween you’re busy with the activities and the TOTers, you don’t eat well, you snarf down way too much sucrose and fructose and food colorings, but you’re […]

Cool Weather Zest: Green Chile Stew

Cool weather’s on its way, even to central Texas! Time to drag out the recipes for hearty soups, stews and chilis. Life’s too short for wimpy cold-weather fare!

Here’s a dish that mimics a chile verde a bit, but isn’t quite as time-intensive to make:

Green Chile Stew

This stew is plenty green, and if you use hot […]

The Gourmet Chile Pepper and Salsa Festival: Heat, Eats and Margarit-Ahs

After the trek and detours mentioned in my previous post, we finally arrived at the Festival. I knew this wouldn’t be a big event (like maybe ZestFest ’08), so I wasn’t worred about getting there early and leaving late; we reversed that, actually. With the beauteous & clever Paula Jo out on point (so I […]