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Going to China for the Aquatics Championships? Don’t Eat the Pork…

This entry is part of a series, Follies 2011»

Eating the local cuisine is one of the great perks for globe-trotting athletes. Except in the instance of this year’s FINA World Aquatics Championships in Shanghai. It seems that, because of instances where 2008 Summer Olympics athletes were sanctioned after eating locally-produced pork, this year’s […]

You Think You’re a Locavore? Try Living This Way…

These days it’s popular, at least in certain circles, to say you’re a locavore. I’m okay with the idea. Shoot, I enjoy fresh produce and locally grown (or hunted) meats as much as anyone. I never thought that I was participating in social activism when I shopped the farmers markets in my area, or […]

Happy (Chinese) New Year! Time for Some Chinese Goodies

Today is Chinese New Year 2011, as the moon slides across from old to new and starts a new lunar month. Often called Spring Festival, there are more people in the world who celebrate this particular annual beginning than any other. There are other lunar New Year events, including Islamic New Year, Rosh Hashana, […]

The Chump is Completely Stumped; Changing Horses in Midstream

Yes, I’m stumped. Stopped dead in my tracks. Mojo non grata. Staring at a a blank page in Word isn’t helping. Meanwhile, I’ve been having dreams about things I’ve wanted to write into a story. Maybe my brain’s trying to tell me something? Is that possible??

Old Sioux saying: “When you find yourself riding a […]

Trying to Get Home from China; or, the Trip to Hades Revisited

It was the best of weeks, it was the worst of weeks. And it was over. Time to go home…

Stan and I left the Venice Hotel early and caught a cab to the Shekou Ferry Terminal. Well, we sorta caught one. The cabline boss put us in it, anyway. But the driver was nowhere […]

Reading, Writing, and Regional Cooking: Guizhou Style Chinese

Stan and I were done with our planned site visits, but not with the paperwork. Yes, even in tropical China, there’s always paperwork. So we ate a hearty breakfast, knowing full well that even the condemned get to eat something. The buffet was well stocked, and I tried out more of the Chinese goodies […]

Third Site’s a Charm: One Last Cantonese Feast

Wednesday’s a special day on this trip. We made our last site visit! We saved the “best” for last. At least the longest, anyways. We visited a factory in Guangzhou, which is nearly two hours from Shenzhen one-way.

My previous visit to Guangzhou involved the same factory, nearly three years ago. I have some interesting […]

Rainy Tropical China, and a Great Cantonese Feast

The sun comes up early in Shenzhen, and today it brought rain with it. In fact, a deluge. So much rain it had to get an early start, and the thunder and lightning preceded first light by about an hour. That left plenty of room for a second big storm to hit as dawn […]