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Chang Thai, Our Family’s New Favorite

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My daughter continues to surprise me with her food interests. Recently (meaning, since she’s gone away to school) she’s learned to enjoy Pad Thai. She came home one weekend and said she wanted to find a Thai place nearby that could feed her need; did I know […]

Fresh and Tasty Tex-Mex, Prepared by a Grandma

This entry is part of a series, Restaurants»

PJ never got to go out for a Mother’s Day dinner, and I’ve not been hearing the end of it so I decided to fix that, just as soon as possible. I asked her to look through our wish list of restaurants to try, and I’d […]

Kitchen Experiments: Sometimes They Turn Out All Right

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Early in the day I began to think about what to fix for dinner. I hit on the idea for stuffed peppers, which is a family favorite and one which we hadn’t had in ages. Somehow, working in the garden has me thinking about all sorts […]

Dinner Party Crepes, Brazilian Style (With Extras)

Some weeks ago we received a kind invitation from one of PJ’s coworkers, to dine in their home. Sadly, before we could get there I came down with the ‘flu and we had to beg off. I’m sure the thought of missing out on fine Brazilian cuisine prepared by a native slowed my recovery […]

Brain Food: Salmon and Tuna, Seafood That's Smart

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Salmon and tuna are two popular fishy protein choices in America today. The omega-3 fats from these fish are well-known to promote a variety of health improvements to everything from the cardiovascular system to the skin. The brain may benefit the most, however.

Canned tuna and […]

Looking for Cupid to Visit Today? Then Get Cooking!

Our ongoing weak economy has people looking for alternatives to the expensive evening out, especially if it involves a meal. With Cupid on the warpath today, lots of us MCs (Male Creatures) are trying to figure out how to meet the romantic drives of the day without busting the budget.

It appears we’ve got some […]

Mama Roux: So Good There's A Song About It, Sort Of...

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This restaurant is closed.

I took my troubles down to Mama Roux – You know that gypsy with the gold-capped tooth – She’s got a pad down on Thirty-Fourth and Vine, Sellin’ giant dishes of Love Potion Number Nine…

This is the way Lieber and Stoller would have […]

What's for Dinner Gets Automated, In a Weird Sort of Way

This entry is part of a series, Follies 2011»

The Jetsons Age is closer than you think! Kraft Foods and Intel have teamed up to produce a novel solution to a problem you really didn’t know you had: How to get ideas for dinner.

Oh, it’s an age-old question, for sure. (Or maybe Old Age?) […]