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Some Days Ain’t Peachy

When I’m feeling down, I read food websites. I know, doctors say you shouldn’t have anything to do with food when you’re depressed. Something about turning on your eating glands or something. Then you snack all day, eating a gallon or two of Brown Rim Bluebell with chocolate chip cookies, with ginger ale to […]

Food BOM: We Are Never Full

Borrowed from “We Are Never Full” to Promote Their Site

Traveling is such a wonderful opportunity to eat well, and to taste and learn about world cuisines (and cultures). Finding a couple who enjoy doing just that is always a pleasure. If they can photo-document and write too, then we’re all in for a […]

Food BOM for November: The Uncornered Market

I like to travel, I love beautiful photography and excellent writing, and I simply must have good food (and information about same).

This month’s Food BOM winner meets all those elements. No, let me correct myself: The Uncornered Market exceeds all those needs. By a long ways!

The Uncornered Market has a novel premise. The site owners, […]

Saturday Salmagundi: Three Nice Blogs

If you’ve looked at the sidebars here at the Chile Underground, you know I visit and enjoy a lot of food blogs. I’m always on the lookout for novel and interesting blogs about everyone’s favorite subject, food!

I look for the following in a food blog:

Interesting, clear writing with style and a distinctive (even idiosyncratic) voice
Stories, […]

Food BOM: Pioneer Woman Cooking

Time for another great cooking site to be introduced to the Chile Underground visitors and friends! The October, 2008 Food BOM is (drum roll, please):

Pioneer Woman Cooks

This site isn’t anything like any other food site I’ve found. Clicking the link above sends you to the site, Pioneer Woman, to the cooking page. If […]

Food BOM for September: The Amateur Gourmet

Yes, it’s that time again! Time for the Food BOM to explode in a browser near you!

(in fact, it’s past time, officially, as it’s October here in India; but thanks to Einstein’s Relativity I can just make it under the wire in the USA!)

Okay, I know; thousands of you are wondering, why the name change? […]

August F-BOM: Tigers & Strawberries

It is with pride that I award the August, 2008 Food Blog of the Month to Tigers & Strawberries. I ran across this blog by accident. Well, that’s no accident, really; most of the great food blogs I read I found with that tried-and-true method. Tigers & Strawberries first caught my eye with its elegant […]

Man Does Not Live By Chiles Alone: A New Chile Underground Feature, the F-BOM

Chiles are essential to life. Well, would you believe, they’re essential to good taste? Okay, to food that tastes good.

Some foods. Okay, okay, you’ve made your point. Not ALL foods. Just the stuff I eat most of the time. There, you happy now? (No, I don’t really have my feelings hurt. I just decided to […]