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Welcome to the New Year at the Chile Underground!

Okay, celebrations are over, back to work!

Just kidding…

Work is over-rated anyways. However, the elves here at the Chile Underground are ready to work hard for you this year! (At least they’ll work for somebody.) We’re going to have a great year, I can feel it already. Before we move into the new, though, let’s […]

Friday Follies: Who Says the Apocalypse Ain’t Here? Pop-Tarts World…

On Tuesday the End of the World as We Know It made an appearance, and almost nobody noticed…

The Location: Times Square, New York. (That ought to give you a clue, right there.) The Scene: The Grand Opening of the new, unique, and glamorous Pop-Tarts World. That’s what I said: Pop-Tarts World. Yep, sushi has […]

Friday Follies: Making a Clean Breast of a Drinking Problem

It’s amazing how the Internet can distract you these days. With my wife’s birthday only a couple weeks away, I began to search for the ideal gift. Before you know it, I’m looking at bar & wine tools. And what comes up on the first page of such a search? A Wine Rack, of […]

YumSugar Tests an Explosion: The Latest Kraft Mac & Cheese

PopSugar is an aggregator megaportal that has lots of blogs, pictures and reviews. YumSugar is the food blog there, and often has interesting and useful information. (As an aside: I don’t visit YumSugar often, as I don’t find the megaportal to be my style. Your mileage may vary.) A recent YumSugar post caught my […]

The Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest, Part Deux: Let's Get Ready to (Tummy) Rumble!

The Nathan’s International July Fourth Hot Dog Eating Contest was anticlimactic this year. Joey “Jaws” Chestnut put down 54 hot dogs in ten minutes to claim clear first at competitive eating’s premier event. A far cry from the 68 dogs that stand as the world’s record (set by Jaws last year), it was still […]

Friday Follies: Has Extreme Eating Hot Dog Turned Chicken?

It’s the Fourth of July Weekend. You know what that means, yes? It’s Grilling Time! (I had to say it different, somehow.)

However, we’re going to step aside from all that today. Seems there’s something too big to ignore going on this weekend; bigger than a mere holiday can explain. The Fourth is also a […]

Friday Follies: Real Man Alert! Celery Makes Ya Sexy…

Once again, science has made a Major Breakthrough on behalf of Real Men everyhwere, and the Chile Underground brings it to you first. (Well, that is, if you’re a hermit. Otherwise, this is old news; but don’t let that little detail keep you from reading on.) Up to now, the only use Real Men […]

Friday Follies: Baked Potatoes, Southern Style

Okay, it’s not Cajun or Creole; but it’s definitely Southern, and you need to know about it …

You see, there’s a Significant Threat to a great Southern tradition. It all begins with turpentine. You know, the liquid distilled from pine tree gum in the deep South? Well, it was an industrially important solvent for […]