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Epicure: More Than a Fancy Foodie Word, It’s Also a Great Gift Shop and Deli

Visiting Mom this week presented some nice opportunities to relax. Yesterday my best wife and I headed into downtown Boerne for a little look-see and maybe some shopping. The town’s clearly not the sleepy little village I grew up in; no, there’s all sorts of shops, attractions and activities nowadays.

One of Mom’s friends suggested we […]

Sur la Table: Prime Kitchen Gear Seller Turns Forty (and is Just Getting Started)

The kitchen has always been a fun place for me. Part of the enjoyment comes from using interesting gadgets and doohickeys while making a great meal. Having a good set of basic tools, like pots, pans and the like, is essential as well, but not as cool as some widget that makes food preparation interesting […]

Friday Follies: Gifts for the Fun-Loving Foodie in Your Life

Gag gifts are supposed to be fun. Okay, so maybe some of them also make you gag a bit. Loosen up! It’s all in good fun. (I almost said good, clean fun. Not always, as you’ll see.)

Kotula’s advertises as “The Guys With the Goods.” Gifts galore! Some examples: A beer pager; a cell phone […]

Instant Noodles: Gear and Gadgets Galore

I once heard that you eat first with your eyes. Sounds rather messy to me if you’re a literalist; but otherwise it seems it’s true. (Me, I eat first with my nose. Even after years in chem labs I can still enjoy the aromas of fine vittles being prepared.) One of the small challenges […]

Friday Follies: Pumpkins Absolutely Smashing This Time of Year

Saturday near Snohomish, Washington, the air will be filled with the screams of flying pumpkins. (That’s because pumpkins aren’t really designed to fly well; nor do they land smoothly.)

That’s rights, kiddies, it’s time once again for the world-famous Pumpkin Hurl. Seven teams, from the US and Canada, will compete for massive prizes (and much more, […]

More Friday Follies XII: Food for Potty Mouths

[Photo: White Carrot]

I’ll keep this one Short and, uhhh, well; Sweet isn’t exactly right…

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. That’s a soup bowl. With side dishes. In a restaurant.

Said restaurant is to remain anonymous, I hope…

Enjoy the (Flush Your Face) Heat!

Technorati : follies, food blogs, unusual […]

So You Think You Know Your Kitchen Utensils…

If your kitchen is like mine, you’ve got several drawers and cabinets of kitchen gadgets. And a few cylinders near your range with your favorite weapons inside, held at the ready. Implements of destruction or salvation. Stirring, mashing, whisking, flipping. Cutting and decorating. The works.

There are few things more satisfying as a man than wielding […]