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Garden Recovery Plan Complete; Rebuild Under Way…

Man, I hate it when that happens. A late freeze, I mean. I’d already declared Winter dead and Spring sproinged back in mid-March when the temperatures reached about 90 hereabouts. That’s hot enough, right? Now way could it freeze again after that.

Dang Global Warming stuff.

I had 30+ tomato plants out, a large area of radishes, […]

Austin Area Man Plants 7,000 Peppers in Back Yard to Counter North Korea’s Threats

Recent news of an imminent threat of nuclear bombardment has had many folks in Austin considering how best to respond. One enterprising young fellow has already taken action, however, and planted a record number of hot pepper plants in his back yard.

“North Korea and their nuclear missiles? Shoot, we’ve got fireworks louder than that, every […]

A Tale of Two Barrows

Every serious gardener knows you need a good-quality wheelbarrow to work the soil easily. I own two barrows, as you can see above. And therein lies a tale…

I have owned a True Temper 10 cubic foot, dual-wheel speedster for a good, long while. So long, in fact, that the wooden rails of the support truck […]

When You’ve Got a Bushel of Cayenne Chiles, Consider Drying Some

My jumbo cayenne pepper bushes have been pumping out enormous, deep red and very zesty fruit all season. For a while I could keep up with them, putting them in certain dishes, or pepper jellies, or just plain giving them away. Now, though, I’ve managed to scare off all the usual victims few folks want […]

Fall is the Best Time for Growing Peppers in Texas

The distressing heat of summer has passed us by here in Central Texas. This morning it was 48° F in the yard, with a heavy dew. Boy, was that refreshing on my bare toes! Even had the cat walking on stilts.

Gardens hereabouts suffer in the dead of summer, but they refresh nicely in September and […]

Coral Snake Peppers (They Bite)

A long, hot growing season means the garden produces a plethora of peppers. (Maybe even two plethoras.) It’s a tasty embarrassment of riches, it is. For example, I have eleven cayenne pepper plants. Yep, I overdid it at the Home Depot Garden Center. I tried to get four Golden Cayennes, but apparently the supplier got […]

Summer Break’s Over, and the Elves are Back…

Good News! The Underground is back to full strength, and will quickly be back to full rate. Summer’s nearly gone, though the heat’s still with us here in central Texas. While the Elves (and even the critters) took a nice break during the peak of the Dog Days, we’re all looking forward to the rest […]

Peter Piper Pickta Pecka …

Hot peppers everywhere these days. Every roadside stand and farmers market has them, in wild profusion and massive mounds.

Even my petite pepper patch is producing a plethora of peppers. Time to make some jelly; and pickled peppers; and Cowboy Candy…

Enjoy the (Picked and Unpickled Peppas) Heat!