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Brain Food: The Fruit With the Funny Name is Seriously Good For You

This entry is part of a series, Brain Food»

Avocado; an odd word, really, completely made up. Not that old, actually. Less than a century. California growers decided to rename the Mexican fruit, the ahuacate, to make it sound more appealing to the potential American market. They didn’t like the alternative in use, the […]

Brain Food: When Life Hands You Lemons, Ask for Oranges Instead

This entry is part of a series, Brain Food»

Maybe the first thing you can say about oranges is, they taste good. Most of you will find oranges easier to add to your diet (or use more of) than, say, spinach or kale. We already know that oranges bring a good dose of vitamin […]

Brain Food: If It's Blue, It's Good for You

This entry is part of a series, Brain Food»

There aren’t a lot of brain superfoods out there, and most of them are highly colored. Blueberries are one such food. What does the blue fruit bring to the party?

Antioxidants. Lots and lots of antioxidants.

A study at Tufts University (in conjuction with the USDA) showed […]

Friday Follies: Green Bugs to Replace Red Meat On Your Plate?

This entry is part of a series, Follies 2011»

Here’s some news that’s sure to make you explosively hurl your breakfast cereal reconsider your next steak dinner. A Dutch scientist, whose name shall forever live in infamy is Arnold van Huis, claims to have the answer. The question is, what do we do about […]

Brain Food: Spinach, the Leaf of Champions

This entry is part of a series, Brain Food»

Spinach, the little green leafy vegetable that should have a big “S” sewn on its superhero tights. Yep, it’s one amazing source of key nutrients for the brain and the body! Extremely low in fat, with no cholesterol. A cup of raw spinach has only […]

Brain Food: Broccoli, the Veggie That Presidents Love to Hate

This entry is part of a series, Brain Food»

Ah, the lowly broccoli plant. One of Nature’s “good foods,” packing in plenty of nutrients and very low in calories. It’s a nearly ideal weight-loss food, as it provides most of the essential amino acids as well as several important vitamins. It’s great for diabetics, […]

Nutrition and the Brain: Feed the Need With the Good Stuff

This entry is part of a series, Brain Food»

While there are about as many different opinions about nutrition as there are bureaucrats in Washington, some clear themes have emerged. Naturally, there are side discussions about lifestyle choices and things like cancer and obesity; food has a major focus in those debates. Overall fitness […]

Friday Follies: Fried Beer, the New Breakfast of Champions

What’s better than deep-fried Twinkies? Deep-fried butter. What’s better than fried butter? Deep-fried beer. And what’s better than fried beer? Deep-fried Guinness, of course!

The Texas State Fair has a contest each year to determine the best new fried food. (Can we really say “best” and “fried food” in one sentence? Especially when we’re talking […]