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Let the Recipes Begin!


Recipes, get your hot recipes!

I was recently reading an old issue of Chile Pepper Magazine and got interested in a couple of sauces that use guajillo peppers. I tried them out, adjusted them to suit me, and now they’re on the Recipes du Jour page.

Roasted guajillo peppers have a distinctive flavor, and I really enjoy […]

Home Cookin’ Chilehead Style

I have decided: June will be Home Cooking Month! Food just like mother used to make. Provided dear ol’ Mom was a ragin’ chilehead. Hot dishes from around the world; and I’m not talking Cate Blanchett or Aishwarya Rai! (Well, okay; you want to discuss them, we can talk! But I digress.)

Here’s a quick salsa, […]

Turkey Day’s Over; Now What?

The bird has been carved, the big games are over (I hope your team won, unless they played mine), the relatives have all gone home (if you’re lucky). The annual Question hangs over your head like a sleet-pregnant cloud:

“Whatever am I going to do with this massive pile of leftovers THIS time?”

It’s a personal theory […]

The Big Nut

I’ve been spending time in the Home of the World’s Largest Pecan: Seguin,Texas. I had meetings with faculty at Texas Lutheran University, where I will take a short sabbatical in the spring. I went to school there, more years ago than I care to mention in public, and the school has […]

My Top Five Places to Eat Spicy Food in Asia

No. 5: Indian Kitchen, Gubei District, Shanghai

The Gubei District in Shanghai, the first area where Western expatriates settled in (reopened) Shanghai in 1994, is where a lot of us round-eyes hang out. A great variety of European eateries are located there, and there is good, safe walking areas as well. The Hongqiao Pearl Market is […]

Home Again, Home Again

The long trek home is over, and I’ve had my required fix of Mexican food; all is well again…

Singapore to Tokyo was a pleasant seven hours, and we arrived simultaneously with about six other jumbo jets. There was complete bedlam in the arrival hall, and they’re still working out the transfer checkin procedures at Narita […]

On the Way!

I’m on my way home from Singapore, on my layover in Tokyo. It’s really dark, cold and dreary here, a good thing I won’t be here long. I really didn’t expect to get any spicy bits to eat during the trip, but I’ve been surprised twice now. The beef dinner on the JAL flight had […]

Raining on My Parade

Last Day in Singapore

With less than 24 hours left in beautiful Singapore, I decided to get up early and get out on a whirlwind tour by foot and SMRT. My EZ-Link Card had about $45 Sing left on it, so I decided to see how much of that I could use. I found out it’s […]