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Fish 4 Friday: Mackerel and Rhubarb, Saviors of Dingle

This entry is part of a series, F4F 2011»

When last we toured in Ireland, we found one of the most interesting parts to be the Dingle Peninsula. One aspect that’s noteworthy is that Dingle didn’t have a fishing industry until the Great Potato Famine, which largely depopulated Ireland in just four years. Dingle […]

Book of the Month: Irish Traditional Cooking

The Grand Irish Cross-Country Expedition and Pub (Grub) Crawl is over, but not forgotten. I’ve already shared the Irish Pub Cookbook with you, and I continue to enjoy its contents (and the food it presents). There’s another side to Irish cooking, though, and I’m learning to appreciate it as well: the common or ordinary […]

The Finest Ol' Inn in Ireland: The Dunraven Arms in Adare

This entry is part of a series, Ireland 2009»

A fairy-tale trip needs an enchanting guest house as a base of operations. We had ours: The Dunraven Arms Hotel in Adare, Co. Limerick. Founded in 1792, The Dunraven has everything a modern, quality hotel should have. More importantly, it has “quaint” built into its […]

Lazy, Rainy Sunday in Limerick

This entry is part of a series, Ireland 2009»

This morning dawned gray and damp, which means it was later than normal before the birds began chirping outside our window. In fact it was nearly 4 A.M. before the serenade began! I guess they stayed in the pub too late or something, and just […]

Running Rings in County Kerry

This entry is part of a series, Ireland 2009»

We got an early start today, as our plan would take us on the longest drive of the tour. We were heading down to County Kerry, to “run the ring” with all the tour buses and tourists. (We’re not tourists, you see; I got that […]

Seeking Fish & Chips and Whisky: Touring the South of County Cork

This entry is part of a series, Ireland 2009»

John was waiting a bit early this morning, or else we were maybe a few minutes late getting our stuff together for the days touring. We had a five-minute delay while we stopped for batteries for my camera. Today’s agenda: The south of County Cork, […]

Mountain Passes and Racing Sheep: The Dingle Peninsula

This entry is part of a series, Ireland 2009»

We set out to conquer tour Dingle today, after stoking up on the usual breakfast goodies at the Maigue Restaurant. Dingle’s a pretty fair ride from Adare, but with good roads to Tralee we made great time at first. We took a short detour through […]

Rest and Recovery in Misty Adare, and a Visit to Lough Gur

This entry is part of a series, Ireland 2009»

The past five days had been Very Hectic, so we decided to take the morning off from touring and relax a bit. We slept in, ate a late, sedate breakfast, then went for a stroll.

I had been up since the chirping birds began serenading us […]