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Keep the Green All Year 'Round with Herb and Chile Paste

Nowadays it’s easy to get fresh herbs most any time of the year. Most supermarkets keep a nice variety on hand, it seems; as do specialty grocers. Parsley (flat and curly), cilantro, leeks (yes, I think of these as an herb); sometimes the less often used ones, like dill and fennel. Still, there are times […]

Spicy Italian Month Continues: Spicy Swiss Steak a la Alton

The Chile Underground’s award-winning Spicy Italian Month continues with increasing intensity and interest. The Underground’s StatPress numbers are about average disappointing me no end way up, nearly an astonishing 118%, give or take a hundred percent or so. (I’m a statistician on the side, I just forget whose side that is.) With numbers like […]

Fish 4 Friday: Easy Salmon Rigatoni

There are lots of quick-to-make fish dishes, because fish itself cooks so quickly. Salmon is no exception! These days, salmon is very popular and relatively inexpensive, mainly due to aquaculture efforts. (That means fish farming, in case your link to Dictionary.com is busted.) I’m always on the lookout for new techniques for preparing fish, […]

Spicy Pasta Even a Kid Will Love to Eat

I’m not sure what makes pepperoni so good – if it’s the pepper or the oni. – Ulrik Stephens

By now you must be thinking that all Italian dishes have pasta in them. That’s simply not true! (I saw one, once, that didn’t.) But yes, a lot of them do. […]

Meaty Tuesday: Spicy Peasant Bolognese

Once upon a time there was a thing called Meatless Tuesday. There was a war on, you see; there’s always a war on. Back then the French, British and others were not only fighting the Germans on their own turf, but they were starving in the process. So part of American support for the […]

Destroy the Monday Blues with Spicy Italian Sausage and Pasta

I was in the grocery yesterday and for some reason I looked in the fresh meats section. There wasn’t anything on the shopping list I needed from there; I really wasn’t even supposed to be in that part of the store. Follow your instincts, though, I always say! I looked up and there were […]

Ceci con la Tria? Didn’t I Date Her in High School?

There’s probably some deadly-sounding clinical name for that malady where you get food items confused with the names of old girlfriends. If not, there should be. I finally determined that my little black book was making me fat over optimum weight, so I had to give it to my best buddy toss it away. […]

Fish 4 Friday: Cioppino, the Greatest Italian Dish Ever Invented in America

This week’s Fish 4 Friday feature was a tough choice. I had absolutely no idea where I was going to get a spicy Italian fish recipe so many choices that I was nearly overwhelmed. Or at least I was strongly whelmed. Then I remembered that Google thingie something I’d seen in my Web research […]