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The Great Cereal Caper: What Were They Thinking?

I don’t normally rant about food-related business blunders here at the Underground. I see blunders daily, of course; anybody who’s not in a comatose state or living in a mountaintop monastery gets their nose rubbed in them, in fact. Contaminated spinach recalls, bad bison burgers, Candwich. And that’s just this week. Not every food […]

YumSugar Tests an Explosion: The Latest Kraft Mac & Cheese

PopSugar is an aggregator megaportal that has lots of blogs, pictures and reviews. YumSugar is the food blog there, and often has interesting and useful information. (As an aside: I don’t visit YumSugar often, as I don’t find the megaportal to be my style. Your mileage may vary.) A recent YumSugar post caught my […]

Grilled Goodies Redux: Orange-Ginger Pork Chops

Deric is learning how to cook. He’s one of the latest additions to the Clan, as he was adopted a couple years back. He’s spending the summer at the Ranch, working and learning. He wants to know everything about cooking! Unfortunately, he wants to know it all before morning. (I’m that good, just not […]

Friday Follies: An Ice Cream Flavor You Wouldn't Pick Out (But Your Kids Might)

The ever-vigilant elves here at the the Underground, with their big nose for news, sniffed this one out. In a recent Slashfood article, a new ice cream flavor was presented. We know you’ll hold us in high odor, ever after, for bringing this article to your attention! Not that you’re likely to taste, or […]

The World's Finest Soupfest at the White House

The Occasionally Annual White House Soupfest, Domino Marathon and Bragging Contest made its biggest showing in decades on Saturday. We had folks from far and wide stop by, set a spell and eat. Man, did we eat! Then, when we couldn’t force any more calories down the pipe we broke out the dominoes and […]

Don't Let the Spooks Get You: Time to Celebrate!

Happy Halloween! It’s the end of October and time to sum up the month. First, some really great news: We went zooming past 500 posts this week! It’s hard to believe we’ve wasted so much of our time and yours racked up that much writing! In fact, if we’d written on a novel […]

Friday Follies: Calling All Ghouls, It's Halloween Candy Time!

It’s not really up to typical Follies level, but there are some smiles (and a chuckle or two) in the news leading up to our favorite diabetic coma inducing holiday event: Halloween. Okay, it’s not our favorite overall; just our favorite in October…

Here’s one of the ultimate win-win scenarios you’ll ever see this week. […]

Friday Follies, the Louisiana Edition

People in Louisiana accuse Texans of being mean to Cajuns. That’s a damned lie base canard. We aren’t mean, and we don’t make fun of Cajuns. We simply observe and report the facts…

It seems that kids in South Louisiana don’t know they’re Cajun. So the state held an essay contest. Morgan Builliard won with […]