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Lent’s a Week Away; What’s Your Plan?

Yep, the dreaded special period of Lent is almost upon us. Time to think about what you’re going to give up. (I tried giving up poverty last year; didn’t work.) Besides the usual, I mean.

Before Ash Wednesday sneaks up on us like a windshield on a bug, there’s Carnival and Fat Tuesday to indulge in […]

Think Global, Blog Local…

One of the attractions of blogging is the potential to reach viewers around the world. (And if my friend Tom’s blog is any indication, that reach isn’t limited to this planet.) After you write for a few years, though, you realize, there are many opportunities to inform readers close to home, and these options are […]

Happy Birthday, Jessica Cooks…

Cooking is an important life skill. Says so right here, on my cue card for the day. If you can’t cook then you’re completely reliant on others for the quality of your eats. Fast food drive-throughs; glop in a microwavable cup; takeout from Fat Charlie’s down the block; restaurants, where you can actually get good […]

So Long, Suzie Q, Rest Easy Now…

Suzie started life as a variegated furball, bright eyes and a curiosity that often didn’t bode well for her longevity, nine lives or no. She and Archie became playmates after we rescued them from two different litters at the Ranch. Sonia adopted them right away, and to their credit, they never showed any fear […]

Not a Great Start…

I’m posting remotely today; the Internet’s down (didn’t I predict that yesterday?), so no great pics. Besides, I’m too depressed to write much; I had to take Suzie Q to the vet this morning, and she was too sick (and in too much pain) to continue.

I really hate it when that happens…

No Post-Christmas Hangover This Year?

The gifts are all opened, the paper’s been cleaned up and tossed, the stockings have been emptied and stored for next year. Now what? Some folks complain of a hangover about now. Nothing to do with excess partying! Too much other stuff. In-laws who are over-staying their welcome. Credit cards maxed out. A whole new […]

Wedding Anniversary Under Way; “What Happens Elsewhere…”

Doesn’t come into the Underground, is the only way I can finish that sentence. I’d give you all the juicy details, but why double-publish? Of course the Irrational National Enquirer has already purchased the rights. You can find the details right next to the latest installment of the Kardashian fubar saga. Or is it […]

Big Day, Big Celebration

Today’s a pretty momentous one for our portion of the Clan, and we’re going to revel in style. Tomorrow will be the beauteous Paula Jo’s twenty-fourth wedding anniversary, which perhaps not too surprisingly is the same as mine. It’s hard to believe how much living you accomplish in such a short time.

The big occasion, […]