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Restaurant Review: Joe DiMaggio’s Italian Chophouse

The years roll by, and before you know it, you are celebrating 21 years together. (Yes, it could happen to you; if you’re lucky, that is.) Paula Jo decided we should celebrate with a special meal, just the three of us. We loaded up our favorite Designated Driver and headed over to a new restaurant […]

A Sad Admission

Okay, I gotta admit it: I didn’t eat spicy food yesterday.

Early in the morning we loaded up Sonia and Sam, the happy Goldens, and about half our house’s plunder and headed out. Road Trip! Destination: Boerne, Texas. Where I grew up. Because of all my travel, I hadn’t visited Mom in way too long. Of […]

Just Another Day in Paradise

This morning the dawn sky was clear, a foreboding of evil heat to come. Yesterday’s rain, and its relative cool, were long gone. But I’m getting tougher after being here in Singapore for so long. I can even go outside for a walk these days and not immediately melt down into my shoes. (And if […]