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MOED: Tactical Bacon for Your Stocking

The Research Elves at the Chile Underground are sleeping off their latest foray into hallucinogenesis have dug around and found a Most Important Item for you to consider. It’s well within the specific parameters that delineate the wonderful event that is the Month of Eating Dangerously; namely, whatever we say they are.

The item in […]

MOED: Orange Chicken With Plenty of Heat

The Month of Eating Dangerously continues! Even though cold weather has hit us in central Texas, we’re still using our grills. (We enjoy tennis year-round too; just don’t let any Yankees in on our secret.) Here’s a grilled chicken dish that has just enough punch to make the MOED list:

Smokin’ Hot Orange Chicken

Okay, it’s […]

MOED: Berberi, a Universal Holiday Seasoning

So your Christmas holidays are getting boring these days, eh? You don’t have any food traditions, you just keep eating the same stuff every year. Turkey, check. Ham, ho hum. Green Bean Casserole? Yeah, and even though there’s never any left, it’s still the same ol’ casserole your great-granny used to make and serve.

What […]

Month of Eating Dangerously: Shepherd's Pie With an Unusual Twist

The month is off to a good start here in Lake Wobegon South. I’ve found several nice recipes to share with you over the next few weeks. The only issue is, it’s Really Cold here in Texas! (How cold is it?) It’s so cold:

Hitchhikers are using signs of thumbs.
The 911 exchange has a recorded […]

A Couple of Tasty Party Tricks for Your Holidays

It’s Holiday party season, and you’re looking around for new ideas to wow the usual hangers-on cronies guests at your next soirĂ©e. You’ve made the same ol’ party punch for a decade now, and you’re too tired to get out the Crock-Pot for more fondue. What to do, what to do?

Well, if you’re really […]

Month of Eating Dangerously: Curried Stuffed Potatoes

Okay, I didn’t want to start out too boldly here. I’m kind of a “rush into things slowly” sort of guy at times. So I chose an easy recipe; one you can hit over the fence on the first swing, with your eyes closed. And it’s not that spicy, unless you want to make […]