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Instant Noodles: Nong Shim Shin Big Bowl, Gourmet Spicy

While preparing for the Big Birthday Blowout scheduled for yesterday, I caught a quiet moment in-between chores and ate a bowl of instant noodles. A very satisfying bowl of noodles, I might add! (Actually, I DID add.) The noodles in question: Nong Shim’s Shin Big Bowl, Gourmet Spicy. (Since I’m traveling today to Washington, […]

Instant Noodles Will be Right Back

Asian Noodles Month isn’t even half over yet, and I know you’re just dying for more information on your favorite tasty quick snack. Well, there will be more to come. Later, though. At the moment, other topics simply beckon more strongly.

Actually, that’s a polite way of saying there’s way too much going on, and I’m […]

Instant Noodles: Gear and Gadgets Galore

I once heard that you eat first with your eyes. Sounds rather messy to me if you’re a literalist; but otherwise it seems it’s true. (Me, I eat first with my nose. Even after years in chem labs I can still enjoy the aromas of fine vittles being prepared.) One of the small challenges […]

Instant Noodles: Paldo Hot & Spicy Yukejang Noodles

Today for lunch I tried something different. Oh, I’m still working through my new collection of instant noodles! I had never, ever tried Korean instant noodles before, though. One of the bowls I grabbed on my recent run through the MT Supermarket was Paldo’s Hot & Spicy Noodle, Yukejang style.

Yukejang has many alternative spellings: […]

Instant Noodles: Fashion Foods Beef Pho Bo

Fashion Foods Instant Noodle Varieties

Pho Bo is Vietnamese in origin. So when I saw the brightly colored bowl of noodles on the shop shelf and it said Beef (Pho) Flavour Instant Noodles on the side, I pretty much expected it had been manufactured in Vietnam.

Silly me. This stuff came from Thailand!

Fashion Food […]

Quick Noodles: Unif Brand Instant Bowls

As I mentioned yesterday, this is the start of Asian Noodles Month. First up is one of my favorite products: The Uni-President Enterprises line of instant noodle bowls.

I first met these tasty instant noodles during a very long stay in Taiwan in 2006. I grew tired of always eating out every night, so I […]