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It’s That Time of Year Again: Texas RenFest Date Set…

After mind-altering, tough negotiations that lasted less than 30 seconds we now have set the date for our annual family outing to the Texas Renaissance Festival: We’re going on October 22. It’s a long day, starting before 5 A.M. and ending sometime short of midnight; at least it’s traditionally that. I do the driving […]

Okra in the Garden; Beautiful Flowers…

Many folks raise flowers for their beauty. And they most certainly are wondrously pretty! Not many flowers are edible, though; and even the ones that are don’t provide a lot of nutrition. So flower gardeners are involved in a particularly “pure” form of cultivation, for art’s sake (as it were).

Me, I like to eat what […]

A Wintry Time Was Had By All: The Texas Renaissance Festival

We made opening day (October 10) at the Texas Renaissance Festival this year. We hadn’t done that in a decade or more! We went prepared fore wet weather, as a cold front passed by during the night. We didn’t have any rain all day, though. There was quite a bit of water in the […]

Thank You, Underground Readers!

Break out the funny hats and the cheap champagne! Cook up some salsa and snacks!! It’s Party Time at the Underground!!!

Unbelievably, The last few months have been amazing here at the Chile Underground. Readership went up 37% in September alone, continuing a trend over the last four months that has seen visits increase by over […]

Salmagundi, a Special Sunday Edition

With the month about to wrap up, I thought I’d bring in some “short bites” that won’t make a full article for the Underground:

The Austin Chronicle reviews a new book by a local author, Ms. Gesine Bullock-Prado: “Confections of a Closet Master Baker.”
If you’re in the Austin area, check out some of the food […]

The Leaving of DC and the Long Ride Home

Today’s the day; the day the best damn calorimetry team you ever heard of packs up and leaves Washington DC for home…

One more breakfast in the small dining room at the Comfort Inn, elbowing our way through the crowd of eager tourists all stoking up for the long day of walking and touring. Juice, […]

More Sightseeing in Washington and Eating at the Hamlet

Tim and Derek had seen a lot of stuff on Tuesday, but they were ready to see another full day’s worth of sights today. We grabbed breakfast at the motel, then squeezed into the shuttle van with about a dozen other brave souls tourists headed downtown and hung on for the five-minute screaming session […]

Great Science and Mall Walking in Washington

Today I visited with my sister-in-law, Dr. Liz. (I’d give you her full name, but since she got married I can’t remember all her last names.) I know, that nickname makes her sound like some sort of relationships therapist or something, but actually she’s a gim-crack polymer scientist working in tissue engineering. She’s also a […]