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Friday Follies: New York to Ban Salt in Restaurants?

It’s clearly the Silly Season in legislatures around the country and ’round the globe. Bad economic times are driving governments to try the strangest methods for reordering society. A cynical person might even go so far as to say it’s only about getting more money into the government coffers. With the state of our […]

Friday Follies: Eat Together, Cheat Together

I’m telling you, you can’t make this stuff up . All you can do is report it, and we here at the Chile Underground work our widdle piddies to the bone to find stuff you just can’t find anywhere else…

I’m not sure that a $50 billion loss is very funny. However, if you can’t find […]

Saturday Salmagundi: Food News You Missed

We scour the food news regularly here at the Underground. In an effort to leave no stone untossed, here are some food news bits that didn’t make it into the Follies, but are still important for your amusement entertainment edification.

For some folks, New Year’s Eve wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. A tractor-trailer […]

Eat Your Veggies: Brussels Sprouts So Good Even Kids Like Them

Kids don’t like them, usually. Even Presidents don’t like them. They’re so unpopular that it only takes 300 acres of them to supply the whole USA’s demand for half a year.

The Brits eat them, when they can’t get peas. A pundit once opined, “The English have only three vegetables, and two of them are cabbage.” […]

Your Opinion Matters! New CU Polls

New polls are up on the Chile Underground!

Although it’s political high season in the U.S. of A, our new polls aren’t from the Chile Underground’s Department of Equitable Estimations of Political Shenanigans & Excesses (DEEPSEx). No, these are Much More Important Polls than that!

We gathered the teams from the Underground’s Savory Styles in […]

More Friday Follies I: It’s Better On a Stick

For a while now I’ve been enjoying a newsie site about food that I heartily recommend: Slashfood. Seems they have a sense of humor as well as style. Not to mention photos, recipes and cookbook reviews! How can you go wrong with that? Some recent posts from Slashfood:

Dealing with English Units of Measures

Morning Coffee Battles […]

Friday Follies VII

Okay, last week’s Follies were a bit top-heavy, but fun. This week’s will be short and sweet, thanks to a bandit with a sweet tooth. Among other oddities…

Madison, WI: Just Rollin’ Along…

It’s a good thing cops use carcams these days, or this story would have been missed by most folks. Seems a drunken bandit, one […]

Friday Food Follies VI

It’s been a tough week, fighting blog security issues and dealing with all the pre-Christmas details. So it’s time to lighten up with some food news! This week we bring you the best in food fights, fattening fare and fasinating foodcams. Lest we get too carried away, we will also provide a leavening of sad […]