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The Long Road Home, and the Great Eatery We Found Along the Way

Saturday morning dawned early, bright and clear, except for the doomed travelers. Seems staying out on Bourbon Street and environs until 4 AM isn’t conducive to being alert and smiling at 7 AM. The same day, I mean. Still, the revelers got a nice nap (unless they also had to pack their gear, which […]

Any Restaurant With Tequila in the Name is the Place for Me

My father-in-law and I hadn’t been on a major foraging expedition in something like three weeks. (Kai wanted to go along too, and we were too soft-hearted to say no.) For us, that’s like more than five months. (In dog years.) There were chores to be done, and parts to be gathered in town. […]

Fish 4 Friday: Sauces Make the Fish

A recent post in Slashfood reminded me I was overdue to visit one of my favorite food websites: The Skinny Chef. This being Lent and all, I’m always looking around for ways to assist those who want their traditional seafood on Friday. However, I’m not that traditional a fella. (I know, it’s a shock; […]

El Dia de los Muertos, and I'm Feeling It

Halloween was a beautiful evening here, cool and crisp and promising a wonderful fall season ahead. The kiddies were out in all sorts of costumes, although we had reduced traffic in our neighborhood. We didn’t see any truckloads of “imports” like we often do, for one thing. After running out of candy the last […]

Fish 4 Friday: Cajun Fish Tacos

Some fella once quipped that the catfish was the Cajun state bird. Me, I think that’s pretty mean. So mean, in fact, that I stopped laughing as soon as my ribs started to hurt. (No sense in taking things too far!) There is one thing, though, that the Cajun Nation has right: Catfish is […]

Round Rock Rollickin’ Ribfest and Texas Chicken Dance Championships

The fateful day has finally arrived. Although her birthday isn’t until next week, she’s now officially 40. And after that insane donnybrook mayhem and merrymaking boisterous party the Chile Underground may never be the same…

After an early start to the day, cleaning and prepping (mostly sou-chef chores), we got the house in pretty spiffy […]

Round Rock Ribfest Preview

We’ve been having a lot of trouble defining the name for tomorrow’s landmark event. The singular nature of the pretext excuse reason for this drunken debauchery bunfight exciting celebration means we can’t use things like “First Annual” in the designation. It’s clearly not going to be merely a birthday party either. What to do, […]

Rib Fest Alert! An Important Dry Run

Paula Jo turns forty on the 21st of the month. Yep, you read that right; The Big Four-Oh. (And to think it only seems like we’ve been married that long.) The end of August is a busy time for the Clan, so we’re scheduling her party a bit early this year. We’ll hold the […]