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Jewish Food on a Stick: A Heavenly Food Breakthrough

Tomorrow’s Purim, by most accounts, a special celebration of a time when the Jewish population of Persia were delivered from extermination. Purim means “lots” as in lottery; the day the Jews were to be massacred was chosen by chance using lots. The fellow who perpetrated this attempt, Haman, was ultimately executed by the king of […]

Best Writing Snack? I Think I’ve Found It…

A great writing effort is only sustained by great snacks. I read that somewhere, and it sounded so much like wisdom that I remembered it. (I think it was snacks. Pretty sure.) Fortunately, there are a lot of good ones out there. Elsewise we’d be running short of great fiction any day.

And if the […]

Looking to Bag a Big One This Year

Dinosaurs don’t write. At least not great fiction. Except one, that is. Me.

Well, perhaps I’m fudging a bit on the “great” but not on the dinosaur part. Yes, it’s that time of year again; National Novel Writing Month is off and running! Unfortunately with this head cold, it’s running off without me. The bloody […]

Doritos Situation Grave, and (Lust for) Alcohol Makes You Stupid

This entry is part of a series, Follies 2011»

Arch West led the Frito-Lay team that invented the Dorito (first sold in 1964), a snack that’s now sold worldwide with annual sales in the billions of dollars. This brand of chips has had its ups and downs, with sales falling so badly in recent […]

Friday Follies: Once I Saw These, I Didn’t Stand a Ghost of a Chance…

This entry is part of a series, Follies 2011»

Right after we were married I fixed our transportation problem by buying Paula Jo a minivan. It was an underpowered box, but it sure was cool to us back then! Our first day we took it out camping. Loaded up the gear and headed to […]

Miralax and Powerade Do Not a Dinner Make

I’m hungry.

Two days ago I had to give up snacks. Oh, I ate well for meals, since I could have steak and such. But no high-fiber anything. Yesterday things went downhill a bit more. And today, nothing but water. All Day Long.

Until this evening, when things took a major turn for the worse. A […]

Birthday Pickles

My father-in-law recently had a birthday. To help him drown his sorrows celebrate, I made him some of Alton Brown’s world-famous Firecrackers. They didn’t last long, as expected. He never told me if they cured his depression made his day, but the way they disappeared…

Since I was messing up the kitchen anyway, I went […]

Virtual Reality Gives “Cookie Monster” a Whole New Meaning

This entry is part of a series, Follies 2011»

This fellow isn’t trying a new method of traveling incognito. Nor is he a space alien. (At least not according to the Men in Black.) Instead, this is Professor Takuji Naumi, making a point. Using his new invention, the Meta Cookie.

What’s his point? Well, first […]