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Raising Miss M: Hope, Love and Special Food

A good friend of mine (and the evil person who got me into blogging in the first place) recently made a decision to toss a brick through a picture window. Oh, not really; figuratively. (Work with me here, okay?) You see, Tom and his handler long-suffering spouse, the Lovely and Talented Nancy, have decided […]

Friday Follies: SPAM to the Rescue

Forging ahead into the teeth of the worsening economic situation, Hormel has launched an ad campaign that promises not only to help you with your food budget, but practically guarantees that mealtimes will be smiles all ’round.

Called “Break the Monotony,” Homel has so much faith in this new SPAM initiative that they’ve trademarked the […]

Special Edition Food Follies to Kick Off July: Killer Wings and Spam…

College Station, TX: Wings to Die For, But Only If You Sign the Release First…

A traditional eatery in the hometown of the Texas Aggies (traditional = restaurant & laundromat) now serves buffalo wings so hot that you have to sign a special endemnity release to get a serving of them. One visitor wrote of his […]

Friday Follies VIII

As the Holiday season approaches I thought I’d share some festive colors and a bit of news that’ll make you smile. First, though, I have to report on the Grinch, English style…

The New International Face of Ronald McDonald

The English reputation as a land of cheesed-off, narky misanthropes has been validated once again. Seems with Christmas […]