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Breaking News: Pfall ChiliPfest Tomorrow!

For both the Underground fans all you thousands of readers from Pflugerville, get your hongry on! The 2012 Pfall ChiliPfest is tomorrow, in beautiful, downtown Pflugerville. The kickoff is at 11 A.M., though there will be a community fitness walk starting at 10:30 (to help build up that appetite even further). The weather prediction’s great […]

Texas Renaissance Festival is Great This Year

I caught a last-minute chance to run over to Plantersville (Todd Mission, actually, but who knows where THAT is?) and attend this year’s edition of the Texas Renaissance Festival. Boy, was it fun! Music, shows, food and drink, and lots of shopping…

I was there mostly for the music and the provender, and I thoroughly enjoyed […]

Meet Russ Kane, the Doctor of Texas Wines

Image: appelationamerica.com

Texans have produced wine for 400 years or more, but only recently has commercial wine production taken off. In the past decade or so, the number of Texas wineries has grown from about fifty to well over 200; production of wine has doubled to 1.2 million cases; jobs in the industry have grown […]

Bye-Bye Lamar, Hello Lamar: The Trip Home to Texas

With all the celebrating and visiting over, it was time to head home to Texas. We made breakfast at Marilyn & Lee’s place (Thanks, folks! We owe you.), a breakfast casserole that we’d put together the evening before. While the casserole heated we loaded the car and chatted with our hosts. Peeps, the peach-faced […]

How to Push Prickly Pear Jelly Over the Top With Serrano Chiles

This entry is part of a series, Pepper Jelly Chronicles»

With an ongoing surfeit of prickly pear juice (and more fruit inbound this weekend, I hear), I decided to try some variations using the deadly-purple liquid. Over the past few days I’ve taken a bunch of ripe Serrano chiles from the bushes in the […]

Here’s to a Safe Labor Day (and Fewer Fires)

From all the Elves here at the Chile Underground, we wish you a safe and enjoyable Labor Day holiday. We know that not everybody’s getting to enjoy their day, or even be safe, thanks to all the fires here in central Texas. (A good friend lost a house to the Bastrop fire. We’re thinking of […]

Hunting the Wild Prickly Pear in South Texas

This entry is part of a series, Pepper Jelly Chronicles»

It’s August, and that’s open season on wild prickly pear. The jelly I made recently for daughterperson came out so great we’re going down South for the weekend, long tongs in hand, searching for the best in red fruit. We know it’ll be hot, […]

Lazy Sunday at the Ranch

When it’s this hot, we don’t get out and move around a lot. Oh, we grilled sausage for lunch (it was very good). I say “we” because it’s polite. However, it’s also a Royal “We.” I stayed inside and made sure the margarita machine ran on schedule. (It’s particularly tough duty, that; but we […]