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Farms 2 Market in Round Rock, the Hottest in Texas (No, Really)

This entry is part of a series, Market Days»

The residents of Round Rock, Texas are blessed with several opportunities to “go loco” with their vegetable-shopping. They have two farmers markets in town, you see, and they’re not far from Pflugerville and Georgetown, which each have a farmers market as well. They’re all on […]

Florida, Day 5: The Great Warbird Hunt and Home Again

Grumpy wasn’t so interested in bouncing off the walls this morning. (Sometimes I wake up Grumpy, and sometimes I let her sleep..) Indeed, she wasn’t really interested in getting up after yesterday’s long day of fun and frivolity. Besides, it’s hard to get motivated when you know you’re on your way home from a […]

A New Protein Source in Texas That Everybody’s Yakking About

One of the sellers at the Cedar Park Farmer’s Market this week was unique. They were selling a new meat. Well, new to Texas, anyways. The protein source? Yak. Yep, the shaggy dog of a cow shown above. Apparently they do just fine here, although some sources claim they shouldn’t do well in the […]

Looking for a Taste of Germany? Well, We Tried…

This entry is part of a series, Restaurants»

I’m pleased to report that this sorry attempt at a restaurant has closed.

My wife and her best friend had a bad day at work, and I didn’t feel like cooking. PJ and I were cruising around looking for a good eatery to raise the coolness quotient […]

Burger Follies: A Fight Over Killer Burgers, In-N-Out in Texas, and Burger America Goes Second Edition

This entry is part of a series, Follies 2011»

Extreme-sized foods are more and more the fashion these days. Witness the rise of shows like “Man vs. Food Nation” and “Glutton for Punishment.” The events shown on these programs don’t explore the behind-the-scenes support crew, including the medical transport personnel with well-lubed defibrillators powered […]

Lazy Saturday, Nothing to Cook

Down to the in-laws this weekend, dogs in tow. A little more training for the foster before we hand him over to his forever home. Mostly, we’re all working on individual projects and hoping for rain. Farmers and ranchers are hurting hereabouts, and if we come up dry in the start of May they’ll lose […]

What Do You Want to Eat on Tax Day? How About Free Stuff...

Yes, it’s Tax Day. Luckily, it only comes around a few times a year (for those of us who do estimated taxes). Some have called it the most depressing day for Americans. If it affects you that way, then cheer up; today’s really your lucky day…

You see, there are a lot of free food […]

Wifey Brings Home the Bacon, er, Books

My spouse took a friend of hers on a road trip this past weekend. They headed over to my mom’s place so they could all play together with a massive pile of fabric. (At least that was their excuse.) I stayed home to babysit an ailing pup, and to generally goof off, drink beer […]