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The Long Road Home, and the Great Eatery We Found Along the Way

Saturday morning dawned early, bright and clear, except for the doomed travelers. Seems staying out on Bourbon Street and environs until 4 AM isn’t conducive to being alert and smiling at 7 AM. The same day, I mean. Still, the revelers got a nice nap (unless they also had to pack their gear, which […]

Never Eat at Mom's: A Reprise and Expansion of the Rules

Since we were extremely lucky clever in our choice of which Mother’s to eat at while traveling this past week, I decided to look up some more rules for surviving the dining experiences of a long road trip. Who knows, maybe you can violate some of these without serious injury on your next outing…

Miller’s […]

Friday Night in the French Quarter: Deanie's Seafood

This entry is part of a series, New Orleans Scene»

With the conference well and truly done, and a long road trip home planned for early the next morning, it was high time we all went out and let it all hang out. (Well, not Everything, of course.) We’d been spending some time in […]

Businessman's Lunch in New Orleans: Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant

This entry is part of a series, New Orleans Scene»

By Thursday the conference grind was beginning to grind on us a bit. I had just the pick-me-up in mind for lunch, though: A visit to Gordon Biersch, a brew pub and restaurant conveniently located across the street from the Hilton where the talks […]

High's Restaurant: The Perfect Lunch Opportunity When You're Touring the Guadalupe Wine Trail

I know, Texas Wine Month is over. Gone. Kaputski. Defunct, expired, moribund. Dead, dead, dead. But that doesn’t mean you should stop enjoying wine! Or for that matter, that we should stop talking about it entirely until next October.

While Paula Jo and I were out drinking our way across the countryside foraging through the […]

A True Oasis in the Desert: BJ's Brewhouse

I was making the fairly lengthy trek home from the Frozen North vicinity of the Oklahoma border, north of Fort Worth, when I decided I needed to tank up. How did I discover this? Well, there were these deep, bass grumbles that were getting so loud it was interfering with the music. Oh, the […]

Just In Case You Were Wondering...

Some of you may have wondered where the fine elves who run the Chile Underground may have gotten off to. A few of you (Hi, Mom!) might even be worried. (As for the bill collectors, well; a little angst in their life is good, as far as I’m concerned.) No, we haven’t disappeared. Not […]

Here’s a Neat Hurricane Season Tool

With the Atlantic hurricane season well under way, most of us will begin to check regularly for any activity along the East Coast or in the Gulf of Mexico. Next month we’ll begin to look further east, out near Africa, for any suspicious blobs on the satellite pics. And don’t let the slow start […]