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Hot Bytes for 2012-06-23

Food from Mickey D's that you never knew about: McDonald's Secret Menu Items http://t.co/x1nXPcgw #
Why (and How) That Big Mac in the Ad Never Looks Like What You Get – ABC News http://t.co/tDgtI354 #
Southern Food heads to Brooklyn as NYC heats up: See recipes from the Fairway- Daily News BBQ in the […]

Hot Bytes for 2012-06-20

This surprises us how, exactly? Survey shows McDonald's lowest in fast-food satisfaction – http://t.co/MQIti5gI #
Are they dead? Slate: The future of cookbooks » New and Developing » The Norman Transcript http://t.co/Z6OLh5qS #
Going locavore: Farmers market recipes that can save a trip to the supermarket – The Washington Post http://t.co/uzzvzFY2 #
Get your servings […]

Hot Bytes for 2012-06-13

Everything's better with bacon: Burger King bets on bacon sundae for summertime | Fox News http://t.co/UxOEXZqN #
It's All In Your Heat, Sort Of: Why we go for doughnuts when we're sleep-deprived – TODAY Health http://t.co/Vs7Pol3q #
Who says we have to wait for cold weather to enjoy soup? Summer soup recipes – The Washington […]

Hot Bytes for 2012-06-01

Sweetened, Condensed Milk Make These Creamy, Dreamy, Sweet and Savory Recipes Special – MarketWatch http://t.co/xtxBxgkr #
Not All Hotrods! Carroll Shelby was hot stuff in chili world as well as the auto industry – The Washington Post http://t.co/mw9q5egN #
Proof that brains aren't aprt of the package: Kim Kardashian Meant No Offense When She Called […]

Hot Bytes for 2012-05-30

Want to know some of the Colonel's Secrets? 2 recipes revealed in KFC Colonel Sanders autobiography – Chicago Sun-Times http://t.co/ZVITXJ5t #
Not all manufactured foods are bad! Cool recipes for Cool Whip – http://t.co/kvV499bm: DeKalb Living http://t.co/yvvC7CLi #
Time to get ready, it's just around the corner: Father's Day recipes http://t.co/ZNSI5pRx #
Indian/Pakistani recipe, originally […]

Hot Bytes for 2012-05-22

Mad Men Fever really does bring back the nostalgia: 'The Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Sixties Cookbook' – http://t.co/FFbIbjcl http://t.co/MCcacRLj #
The Modern Way to Diet! Stop Signs In Food – The New Secret to Weight Loss – Forbes http://t.co/sy9ORklj #
Just remember, you heard it here first! Does Organic Food Turn You into a Jerk? […]

Hot Bytes for 2012-05-06

Yep, it's time once again! Cinco de Mayo salsa and guacamole recipes | Washington Times Communities http://t.co/3PqqIY2B #
More goodies for the Great American Holiday, Cinco de Mayo: Recipes for Party Foods – Walnut, CA Patch http://t.co/18J0WyK1 #
Cinco de Mayo AND the Derby on one day! Mint Julep and Watermelon Lemonade Recipes for Kentucky Derby Sippin' […]

Hot Bytes for 2012-04-22

Richard Bertinet's sweet and savoury tart recipes | Life and style | The Observer http://t.co/C9tBbnUu #
Seven influential Mexican cookbooks – http://t.co/4gMZ4CT1 http://t.co/N9j7gIDe #
Lauren Shapiro: 30 Minutes With Chef Grant Achatz: The Mind Behind the Best Restaurant in the World http://t.co/Ps4vhyLz #

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