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Dog Days are Here; Can We Quit It Out on the Heat Now?

All we need is to conjure up some tropical something in the Gulf and send it to Alice, TX. Then we can maybe get a bit of relief. Nothing big and disastrous, thanks; just wet as all get-out and slow. Very, very slow once it gets onto land. If it’ll just spread out and […]

Farms 2 Market in Round Rock, the Hottest in Texas (No, Really)

This entry is part of a series, Market Days»

The residents of Round Rock, Texas are blessed with several opportunities to “go loco” with their vegetable-shopping. They have two farmers markets in town, you see, and they’re not far from Pflugerville and Georgetown, which each have a farmers market as well. They’re all on […]

To Paraphrase Dorothy: “Peppers and Maters and Cukes, Oh My!”

The garden’s going great guns here. The cherry tomatoes are over four foot tall now, with others just behind. I’d guess there are 50 pounds of tomatoes on the dozen plants. Even the heirloom Black Krim is setting fruit nicely. We’ve already harvested some yellow pears. The lonely tomatillo, Fatima, is doing much better, […]