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New Site Up! (Arguably It’s About Food, Someday)

Okay, it’s not anything to do with food, unless I write a mystery that involves cooking. (Now there’s an idea; hmmm…) No, this is the newest, and soon to be the best, boutique site about novel writing on the whole InterTubes: The Accidental Novelist. The plan is for plenty of blog posts, of course. […]

Comment Spam Fixed; CU Open to New Comments! Watchdogs Sent to New Homes…

Okay, maybe this time the Elves have gotten things under control. (I found a way to get the job done quickly. Just take away their beer and pretzels, and cut the cord on the TV. Then promise to bring it all back when the problem’s solved.) The several watchdogs the Underground has been using […]

The Underground’s Comments are Back! (I Hope)

Recently the massive Information Technology Team here at the Chile Underground had to begin requiring commenters to be registered members of the site. That’s a tough requirement, and one I’m not in favor of as CEO of this burgeoning enterprise. (I like to think we’re friendlier than that; evidence notwithstanding.) So we’ve all been […]

Still Struggling With Finding a Zoundry Raven Replacement

So far, not much is satisfying me on this quest for a better post-writing tool. Of course, there are a lot of options to try. At first I was sure ScribeFire was the answer, especially as it’s available as a plugin for my favorite browser. However, there are lots of tasks I like to do […]

Better Foodie Blogs: a Short Postscript

This entry is part of a series, Better Foodie Blogs»

Okay, I’ve had my say on how to boost your foodie blog. Now you should go out and search for the best practices in the blogosphere. Including things not specific to food.

Here’s one such item, just to get you going:

How to Grow the Engagement […]

More Than 100 Things You Can Do to Make Your Food Blog Better, Part I

This entry is part of a series, Better Foodie Blogs»

Recently I wrote on the problem of reviving or amplifying your food blog. Now, let’s get to some detailed ideas:

One of the best things the World Wide Web has brought to our age is the ability for anyone to build a community of […]

Remodeling Under Way; Pardon Our Mess

Just a word of caution: We’re revamping quite a bit of the WordPress back office around the ol’ Underground. It may not seem very apparent to you, but it’s certainly taxing the Elves’ creative abilities well beyond where Santa ever got them to go. (Now I see why I got such a great package […]

Chile Underground Goes Mobile; World Leaders are Awed

Well, folks, it’s finally happened. The Web will never be the same, either. To top it all off, we’ve even beaten that “other” Underground, the one that talks about fish and other weird stuff, to the punch! Yes, folks, after this technical coup the Chile Underground has assumed the leader’s position amongst Underground websites […]