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Lent Almost Over; Let’s Have One More Fish Dish

Yeah, let’s have one more, just for the halibut. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

Speaking of halibut, today’s dish could use that tasty white-fleshed fish. Flounder, turbot, fluke, trout; even striped bass or cod will work in this recipe as well. We’ll want fillet thickness, not steaks, which may not cook all the way through.  A piece of […]

Fish 4 Friday: Zesty Grilled Shrimp with Roasted Pepper Aioli

Shrimp are strange little creatures. They spend their whole life crawling around on the bottom of the ocean, scavenging anything they can find. They eat anything, as if they’re the chickens of the sea (Sorry, Charlie)…

No, wait. Wrong blog! This is the food thingie, right? With chiles and all? Got it. I was momentarily […]

Monday Morning Quickie: Curried Avocado Aioli

Tired of the same ol’ sandwich spread? Try this stuff:

Curried Avocado Aioli

I tried this (again) recently on simple sandwiches for lunch. Man, did it zest things up nicely! Not too hot for me; but if you find it a bit too zesty, use less red curry or Garam Masala powder. Starve the condiment too much […]