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Florida, Day 3: Special Homemade Brunch, Late Lunch at Harvey’s and Supper at Emeril’s

Yes, it was a big day…

We slept in a bit, packed and skipped out on our bill at the Hilton checked out. That part was hard. Getting up in the first place, I mean. For some reason, Florida makes Texans tired. Must be a force field or something.

Anyway, we moseyed to the Sheppards where […]

A Sedate Spring Lunch at Zed’s

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Usually I eat lunch at home these days. Oh, I have plenty of time mid-day, and there are lots of options for lunch in the area. However, I don’t like eating alone, and wifeyperson has a Real Job that often keeps her chained in her cell […]

Pork Chops and Apples Go Together Like, Like ...

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Well, like Gable and Lombard; like Newman and Woodward; like Burton and Taylor (more than once); like Astaire and Rogers; like Tracy and Hepburn. (Lewis and Martin? Abbott and Costello? Uhh…) You get my drift.

Pork, the other other white meat, goes especially well with sweet […]

This Stew Will Make You (Feel) Pregnant

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My wife had a tough time of it when she was pregnant. Four months of morning sickness, and often days when she couldn’t keep anything down all day long. Ever since then she’s never been a morning person. (I claim there’s a direct causal link.)

My […]

Poppy Seed Chicken, Heaven in a Casserole Dish

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While we’re on the subject of comfort food, here’s a dish that I learned from Christine back in grad school. This meal is a Clan favorite, and when the weather’s cold out we make a big batch of it and kick back. It’s ridiculously easy […]

The Devil's Own Chicken, as Hot as Your Conscience Can Stand

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All I can say about this recipe is, the devil made me do it. And eat it too!

There are many versions of this dish, with names from Chicken Diablo to Pollo del Diavolo and more. Each one lays claim to the “original” title, of course, […]

Recipe du Jour Marathon, First Post: Christine's Hamburger Pie

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When I was in graduate school, I had a few good friends who would occasionally feed me or play Atari games all night and drink beer. Dennis was one of these good friends. And he had a wonderful girlfriend, Christine, who could really […]

Late-Lunch Steaks at the Blue Oak Grill

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This restaurant has closed.

Not too long back I found myself in a part of town I hadn’t visited in a couple of years. I had a half hour to kill, so I drove around the area to see what all had changed, and maybe what had […]