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Barbeque, Knick-Knacks and Snow White: Dinner Theater With a Contender

Last evening we went to a special event. The Catholic high school in Seguin has a tradition of delivering great one-act plays; they’ve been to State competition several times, and this year will make three trips in a row. Maybe they have an unfair advantage or two. Like truly engaged teaching and coaching. Parents […]

Friday Follies: Mona Lisa Smile, Interrupted by Ronald McDonald

I don’t know if this is evidence of the advanced state of the French culture, or (more likely) proof that Europe is sliding into complete rot and decadence. It IS verification that fast food is more acceptable and accesible than ever before…

A recent report confirms that McDonald’s will be opening at the Louvre. Yes, […]

Friday Follies: Late Night Bacon, You Knew It Had to Happen

Photo courtesy of Flickr

Bacon used to be for breakfast. Even if you had breakfast for dinner, as I often do, you still knew bacon was for breakfast. Nowadays, that hard-and-fast rule has gone all soft. People are making bacony drinks for cocktail hour, or putting bacon into all sorts of dishes that […]