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Follies, Special Edition: Bored With Breakfast? Technicolor Bacon to The Rescue!

Photo by Neil Caldwell

This was just too yummy to pass up! Everybody knows that everything tastes better with bacon. Shoot, they even wrap filet mignon with bacon, and if bacon can make that taste better, then you KNOW it’s magical stuff. (It’s so powerful that even some Jews want it.) Still, after […]

Friday Follies: Bacon Wins Again! This Time, It’s Flavored Vodka…

From the “What Will They Think of Next?” desk here at the Chile Underground, a breakthrough pairing of food groups: Alcohol and Bacon. I mean, what with all the fusion cuisines out there, how did this one get overlooked for so long? Answer: It wasn’t. It just wasn’t publicized. More on that later.

Yes, the […]

Friday Follies: How Do You Fight THAT Fire, and More Bacon Love

This just in to the Chile Underground’s ever-vigilant News Desk: A disastrous accident in Wyoming has destroyed a massive quantity of an irreplaceable specialty. A cargo truck traveling on the I-80 near the famous burgh of Wamsutter, Wyoming crashed and caught fire. When firefighters arrived they went into their practiced routines when suddenly they […]

Friday Follies: Late Night Bacon, You Knew It Had to Happen

Photo courtesy of Flickr

Bacon used to be for breakfast. Even if you had breakfast for dinner, as I often do, you still knew bacon was for breakfast. Nowadays, that hard-and-fast rule has gone all soft. People are making bacony drinks for cocktail hour, or putting bacon into all sorts of dishes that […]

Friday Follies: Avoiding the Leftover Hotdog Blues

I was cruisin’ around Slashfood yesterday and saw this post. Man, there’s some good eats on that grill! The poor slob grill master working those lovelies was in a hot dog cookoff, and he didn’t win. My first thought was, how could you NOT win with bacon? Seemed like a complete miscarriage of justice […]

Bacon Redux: Pillows to Sweden, and More on the Bacon Explosion

Ah, those fun-loving Swedes. Inventors of Swedish Meatballs, Fondue and the Smörgåsbord, they have a long tradition of great food innovations over the centuries. (They used to be all about conquering the world, but they’ve given that up for civilization in the last few centuries.)

Now they’ve caught the bacon craze. And are importing Bacon Pillows. […]

Crunchy, Crazy Crick-Ettes

If you like your snacks crunchy, and you want to do something for the environment as well, here’s your chance! Lock your lips around some of these tasty morsels and munch to your heart’s content, knowing full well you’re doing something great for others by taking these little monsters off the farms and streets of […]

Friday Follies: Bacon, It’s Not Just for Humans Anymore

(A short post, as today’s my anniversary and I’ve gotta get something nice; or the Chile Underground will be without a pilot…)

Never trust a dog to share bacon…

Sometimes, our furry companions say it best:

You’re supposed to wait until the process is complete, though:

More Funny Animals Here…