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Spending the Ides in the Caribbean; It’s So Easy…

Okay, NOW it’s the Ides of March. If your name is Julius Caesar, I suggest you stay indoors, hide the knives and see no visitors. For the rest of us, we should avoid Caesar Salad; unless you see that as an appropriate celebration of the passing of the warrior-leader of ancient Rome. (Me, I don’t […]

Friday Follies: Weirdest Snacks, Dumb (and Hungry) Burglars, and Why Google is Like Bananas

This entry is part of a series, Follies 2011»

A recent report on NewsMax describes the five weirdest snacks you can eat. Okay, I can see fried mayflies as odd; then again, some places eat all sorts of insects. (Just not in Texas, of course.) Eel soda sounds pretty disgusting too. Meat-flavored ice cream […]

Pulled Pork Burritos With Peach and Banana Relish

Peaches are in season in the Texas Hill Country, and they’re quite good this year. (The crop’s a little light, a late freeze zinged quite a few orchards.) If you buy them by the bushel, you need recipes that will take some of that juicy goodness and pair it up with other tasty ingredients. […]

More Friday Follies VIII: WTO Goes Bananas, Eggs in the Air, and Carl’s All-Day Breakfast

The Doha Round of trade talks in the World Trade Organization recently ground to a halt. Seven years of negotiating give-and-take ended with no agreement. Apparently, bananas were one of the “last straws” that may have killed any chance for success.

And to think, if they could have just hung on a few years more, there […]