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Barbeque, Knick-Knacks and Snow White: Dinner Theater With a Contender

Last evening we went to a special event. The Catholic high school in Seguin has a tradition of delivering great one-act plays; they’ve been to State competition several times, and this year will make three trips in a row. Maybe they have an unfair advantage or two. Like truly engaged teaching and coaching. Parents […]

Killer Ribs, or Jitterbug's Secret Recipe Has Finally Met Its Match

Yesterday’s massive pigout light repast from the grill had me a bit sated at the time, but as dinner loomed on the horizon today I was hungry for more from the grill. (Loomed on the Horizon = It was after breakfast sometime, and I had to come up with an idea.) Two teenaged boys […]

The Bachelor Brigade Does Chicken (and More)

After a long week sweating over a hot research project, I was ready to kill and grill something. Deric and Kai had spent the day moving dead trees and burning them, so they had mostly gotten their Real Man requirements done. Especially the burning something dead. However, their fire wasn’t really suited for cooking; […]

May is Barbeque and Grilling Month, so Fire'em Up!

It’s the month that all Real Men suffer through winter for; the month when we get to set fire to things AND play with our food at the same time! We get to explore our inner Cave Man while experimenting with flavors of all sorts: Sweet, tart, salty, vinegary, tongue-scorching and more.

Oh, we tell […]

Fish 4 Friday: Barbeque Shrimp Without the Grill

For most of us in the South, it’s been grilling time for a while now. Up North, though, I hear it’s still a bit cool and breezy. (Too bad.) In either case, we have the issue this year of plenty of rainy days. (Thank Goodness, after several years of tough drought!) So you scored […]

Friday Follies: Best Barbecue?

It doesn’t matter whether you spell it Barbecue, Barbeque or BBQ; it’s still America’s entry into the Great Cuisines of the World. Practically every state in the Union has its own style. Well, okay; maybe California doesn’t; and that’s just fine with the rest of us. After all, they’ve got Schwarzenegger movies any time […]

Round Rock Ribfest Preview

We’ve been having a lot of trouble defining the name for tomorrow’s landmark event. The singular nature of the pretext excuse reason for this drunken debauchery bunfight exciting celebration means we can’t use things like “First Annual” in the designation. It’s clearly not going to be merely a birthday party either. What to do, […]

Rib Fest Alert! An Important Dry Run

Paula Jo turns forty on the 21st of the month. Yep, you read that right; The Big Four-Oh. (And to think it only seems like we’ve been married that long.) The end of August is a busy time for the Clan, so we’re scheduling her party a bit early this year. We’ll hold the […]