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You Speak, the Dragon Listens (Sometimes)

I’ve been experimenting with Dragon Naturally Speaking (DNS, or Dragon), v. 11.5, for a while now. (And yes, it’s entirely appropriate that this is the Year of the Dragon, and that I was born in a year of the Dragon; feels good!) Overall I like the software, but there are plenty of quirks and oddities. […]

Comment Spam Fixed; CU Open to New Comments! Watchdogs Sent to New Homes…

Okay, maybe this time the Elves have gotten things under control. (I found a way to get the job done quickly. Just take away their beer and pretzels, and cut the cord on the TV. Then promise to bring it all back when the problem’s solved.) The several watchdogs the Underground has been using […]

Blog Post Software Sweeps: And the Winner Is…

First, the criteria..

The software had to be cheap. (Free preferred.) It had to be easy to use. Editing, adding links and pictures, and “adjusting” HTML had to be clean. It had to make posting a snap. Bonus features I looked for included integration with a browser (I prefer Firefox, but a case could be […]

Testing Live Writer Today; Wish Me Luck (or at Least Lunch) …

Okay, I’m finally dissatisfied enough with ScribeFire to try something else. After extensive reading and scratching my head, I’ve decided to give Live Writer another shot. I tried it once before, about three years back, and wasn’t satisfied with its integration nor with its interface then.

So far, though, this looks Much Better.

As always, if […]

Warning! Site Construction Ahead!

My old and trusty blog writing tool, Zoundry Raven, has given up the ghost. It fails in unpredictable ways and eats my posts as I draft them. I think making it keep track of several thousand posts over several blogs has made it Really Tired. It’s no longer supported, and the handoff to a community […]

Warning! Warning! Foodie Blog Virus

I am a food blog virus. My sole purpose for existence is to fill up unused blogspace through the unlikely, and unwatched, portal of food blogs. I have taken over the Chile Underground for my own nefarious purposes.

Do not attempt to adjust your computer.

I am in control of the horizontal.
I am in control of the […]

Microblogging as Adjunct to Your Foodie Site: Twitter Tools and Twhirl

Every so often I like to chat about the technology that makes all this wonderful foodie blogging possible. Some of you may have noticed that the Chile Underground uses microblogging for certain updates. Breaking news (and important Follies, of course), travel info and more can be published directly to CU from anywhere, any time it’s […]

The Zen of Blog Software Maintenance: Upgrading WordPress

(Note: Long Post follows, and it may seem depressing at times; but all’s well that ends.)

WordPress (WP) released version 2.6 “Tyner” this week, and I decided it was time. Time to get all the blogs backed up and get one common version of WP running across the board. I manage 8 sites where WP is […]