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Still Struggling With Finding a Zoundry Raven Replacement

So far, not much is satisfying me on this quest for a better post-writing tool. Of course, there are a lot of options to try. At first I was sure ScribeFire was the answer, especially as it’s available as a plugin for my favorite browser. However, there are lots of tasks I like to do […]

CU Special Edition: Upgrade Your WordPress Sites Now!

It’s time for the dreaded blog software updates for all my sites. (Yeah; you guessed right; I’m a WordPress scribbler.) A time of great woe and suffering, of mindless database backups and endless waiting. And then the dynamite goes BOOM! and nothing works. Just thinking about the hassles of bring fourteen sites up to […]

Tools for Blogging: WordPress 2.7 Upgrade is Nothing to Fear

Whatever kind of WordPress blogger you are, you know that upgrading is a pain. The folks at WordPress work hard to make it otherwise; but you know better. All the regular little updates and patches only make things worse.

Well, never fear; WordPress 2.7 is here, and it’s different.

Not merely in look-and-feel; in ease of upgrade […]