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August BOM: The Healthy College Cookbook

Ah, college eats. Pizza. Beer. (For some, at least.) Sub sandwiches. Pop-Tarts. Hamburgers and hot dogs, if you’re really living well. Canned chili. Ramen noodles. Microwave burritos. (In fact, anything that comes in an easy-off wrapper and fits in the micro.) Popcorn. Cookies and pretzels and gummi bears, usually as a three-course dinner. Gatorade […]

December BOM: The All-American Christmas Cookbook

No time to play today, but I want to share with you the December Book of the Month: The All-American Christmas Cookbook from Chronicle Books. Normally I’m not much interested in omnibus cookbooks, but this one caught my eye recently at a bookstore. it’s a fairly new release (2007) and has recipes from all […]

Book of the Month: Mediterranean Hot and Spicy

Let’s start Spicy Italian Month off right by reviewing a cookbook full of zesty recipes from the Mediterranean. Yes, you guessed it (or maybe you didn’t): Mediterranean Hot and Spicy, by Aglaia Kremezi. This slickly produced, recently released volume, published by Broadway Books, has pictures, stories and above all, tasty recipes collected and tested […]

Book of the Month: Beyond the Great Wall

If you’re looking for a collection of Chinese recipes that is beautiful enough, both in contents and appearance, then have I got a book for you:

Beyond the Great Wall: Recipes and Travels in the Other China

The authors, Jeffrey Alford and Naomi Duguid, are experienced global voyagers and their previous books prove they know […]