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Soooeee! National Bacon Day is Here!

Bacon has seen an explosion of interest in the past few years. Naturallyl, it never went completely out of favor. After all, anything that’s used to make filet mignon taste better can’t disappear! Recently, though, there’s even been shome spot shortages of the tasty strips of heavenly flavor.

Well, that’s all behind us now. We’ve […]

Follies, Special Edition: Bored With Breakfast? Technicolor Bacon to The Rescue!

Photo by Neil Caldwell

This was just too yummy to pass up! Everybody knows that everything tastes better with bacon. Shoot, they even wrap filet mignon with bacon, and if bacon can make that taste better, then you KNOW it’s magical stuff. (It’s so powerful that even some Jews want it.) Still, after […]

Friday Follies: Bacon Explosion Arrives In Time to Explode Your Diet

From bbqaddicts.com, With Love

What is the mysterious food pictured above? Completing bacon’s meteoric descent (why do they always say “meteoric rise” ? Meteors don’t rise…) over the horizon of good taste, I present to you: the Bacon Explosion.

Take two pounds each of thick-sliced bacon and Italian sausage. (We recommend spicy, although the Underground […]

Solving the Breakfast Dilemma

Most folks are stuck in a rut when it comes to breakfast. What choices do they have? Fast food from the drive-through or the toaster; a quick bowl of cereal; maybe just coffee. Who has time to fix a real breakfast, except maybe on Sundays? Even then, we choose sleep, mostly.

Bad, very bad. Bad for […]

Saturday Salmagundi for Breakfast

Breakfast is one of my seven favorite meals of the day (to misquote a certain bear). I recently completed a thorough research project on breakfast blogs (I actually used Google twice), and here are some of the neat items I found:

Better Homes and Gardens has published a Tex-Mex Breakfast Pizza
If you like to combine travel […]

It’s a Bacon Celebration

A recent post on another Underground (which shall remain nameless) has referred to a bacon-wrapped hotdog (in a maple bar, no less) as Yet Another Sign of the Impending Apocalypse. Which got me to thinking; if this is the end of the world (and who says it isn’t?), then maybe we should celebrate the ever-popular, […]

Working Hard for You: Buffet Grazing in Hyderabad

There are so many good things to eat in India that I’m glad my hotel serves several buffets each day. It doesn’t matter to me that they feel obliged to serve Western and Far Eastern style dishes to accommodate the range of their visitors. I wave hi as I go by the maitre d’hotel (who […]