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World’s Best Burger? Check It Out and See If You Agree (With Me)

A quick note concerning an article I read yesterday. It made me hungry to look at it! Then I got to thinking, is this really the World’s Best? Let’s see. Does it have great beef? (No wimpy ground meat allowed. And veggie patties? Fuhgeddaboudit!) How about bold seasonings? A daring choice in cheese? (Skip […]

Burger Follies: A Fight Over Killer Burgers, In-N-Out in Texas, and Burger America Goes Second Edition

This entry is part of a series, Follies 2011»

Extreme-sized foods are more and more the fashion these days. Witness the rise of shows like “Man vs. Food Nation” and “Glutton for Punishment.” The events shown on these programs don’t explore the behind-the-scenes support crew, including the medical transport personnel with well-lubed defibrillators powered […]

More Bachelor Brigade Grub: Grilled Hamburgers Save the Day

It was a longer day than normal today at the ol’ lab. I got home I didn’t really feel like taking much time to fix dinner. Shoot, I was so tired I even considered not firing up the grill. Then I remembered that a) we don’t have a range in the Barracks, and b) […]