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Best. Burritos. Ever…

This weekend the weather turned off cool and crisp. Not cold, I don’t think my veggie plants are in any danger, but cooler than I like this time of year. (Then again, I’m into shorts and bare feet by Texas Independence.) Cool weather is a good excuse to break out the slow cooker and make […]

Recipe du Jour: Slow-Cooker Burrito Beef, and Baked Burritos

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One dish that my spouse and I have fine-tuned to our tastes over the years is baked beef burritos. This past week I tried a variation in the meat preparation that we really liked. Maybe you can try something like this for your next homemade Tex-Mex […]

How to Grill the Ungrillable: Beef Burritos

There are many things that are naturals for the grill: Steaks, ribs, chops, hamburgers, chicken and more. You can toast your hamburger buns on the grate too. Some veggies and fruits go great when scorched too: Onions, pineapple, corn and peppers come to mind. Others may not be readily apparent, but they work: Sliced […]

Pulled Pork Burritos With Peach and Banana Relish

Peaches are in season in the Texas Hill Country, and they’re quite good this year. (The crop’s a little light, a late freeze zinged quite a few orchards.) If you buy them by the bushel, you need recipes that will take some of that juicy goodness and pair it up with other tasty ingredients. […]