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No Eat Strong Pig, Eat Monster Gummy Bear Instead

This entry is part of a series, Follies 2011»

A Chinese pig named (cleverly) Strong Pig is going to live a long and happy life somewhere, rather than being served on someone’s plate. This pig is unusual; remarkable, even. He was born without hind legs. Light in the hams, you might say. Which isn’t […]

Friday Follies: WonkaWorld? What's Next??

Arguably, it’s about food…

In spite of the story’s bizarre line, I still enjoy the Gene Wilder version of the Chocolate Factory. (Sorry, Johnny.) Okay, I can’t watch it every day, right? Too much chocolate. And it makes me eat. A lot.

Which is why a recent news article about the newest, largest Wonka store in […]

Friday Follies: Calling All Ghouls, It's Halloween Candy Time!

It’s not really up to typical Follies level, but there are some smiles (and a chuckle or two) in the news leading up to our favorite diabetic coma inducing holiday event: Halloween. Okay, it’s not our favorite overall; just our favorite in October…

Here’s one of the ultimate win-win scenarios you’ll ever see this week. […]