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The Underground Remembers; Do You?

Where were you a decade ago today? Can you really forget? We can’t; we won’t…

Watching the morning news on CNBC and working on a business plan, we vaguely noticed a lot of excitement with camera shots aimed at the Manhattan skyline. Smoke from the Trade Center. People asking questions. Suddenly nobody was paying any attention […]

Chile Underground Reaches Major Milestone; Media in Awe…

This week the Chile Underground, your favorite place to read about zesty food, cooking adventures, occasional travel and unsurpassed levity, passed a major milestone. In fact, even if you’ve been following along at home you likely missed it. So I’ll point it out to you, just to be on the safe side:

We reached 1,000 […]

Nine Hundred Down, a Bajillion to Go…

Today marks Yet Another Major Milestone in the life of the InterWebz. The Chile Underground has reached 900 posts! I know, I can’t believe it either. The Elves are going to get so drunk they’ll miss the rest of the week planning a major party. You’re all invited, of course. All you have to […]

Ribfest Today! Y’all Come On By

That big pile of cars you see out front? Ribfest arrivals. (That’s me collecting exorbitant parking fees.)

The milling crowd, hoping for a whiff of the smoke from the pit? That’s Clan and friends, who can hardly contain themselves. (No news there.)

That sound like low-level fireworks going off in the background? That’s not fireworks, that’s […]

Eight Hundred and Still Counting

The Chile Underground zoomed past Yet Another Milestone today. We reached 800 posts! Back when we started, we figgered we’d be lucky to reach fifty before terminal insanity set in take a while to reach any large numbers. We caught the blog bug in a big way, though, and we’re still going and growing. […]

Time to Celebrate! CU Joins 700 Club (the Real One)

That’s right, folks, it’s time to go out and tie one on like an out-of-control Lindsay Lohan celebrate once again! The Chile Underground has passed Yet Another Milestone in its ongoing quest to provide you with the best in zesty comestibles, great travel ideas, and tasteless spicy food humor. We achieved 700 posts as […]

Yet Another Sign of the Impending Apocalypse: CU Hits 600 Posts!

Break out the Good Hootch and warm up the squeezeboxes; it’s Time to Grill Party! The Chile Underground, the finest Underground on the whole Interwebz thingie, has reached the striking, monumental, wondrous, incomparable, and might we say, incomprehensible level of 600 posts! Yep, you’re right, that’s downright amazing. (I know, Tom; you predicted it […]

The World's Finest Soupfest at the White House

The Occasionally Annual White House Soupfest, Domino Marathon and Bragging Contest made its biggest showing in decades on Saturday. We had folks from far and wide stop by, set a spell and eat. Man, did we eat! Then, when we couldn’t force any more calories down the pipe we broke out the dominoes and […]