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Big Day, Big Celebration

Today’s a pretty momentous one for our portion of the Clan, and we’re going to revel in style. Tomorrow will be the beauteous Paula Jo’s twenty-fourth wedding anniversary, which perhaps not too surprisingly is the same as mine. It’s hard to believe how much living you accomplish in such a short time.

The big occasion, […]

Adult Beverages for the Holidays

It’s about two weeks until Santie Claus comes sliding down your chimbley with all those lovely gifts. (Or lumps of coal; depends on you.) Between now and then I bet you’ll host a party or two. With adults. And I bet you’re worried about serving the same ol’ same ol’ in the way of […]

The CU Rolls Along: 1,100 Posts and Counting

It’s a good thing that there are automated counters in the background on here. If someone had told me we’d gone past 1100 posts I’d have laughed. Or cried, depending on how much I believed you. (If it had been one of the Elves telling me, I’d have fired them for taunting management. Wait; […]

Time to Move to the Ranch and Prepare to Feast

Fun at the White House (Boerne Branch) is over and done. We’re packing so we can move along to the Ranch, where the whole Christenson Clan is expected to show this year for the Big Feast.

How many will there be? Well, lessee; Four plus four, plus another three (and a half!); carry the one… […]

National Cashew Day (Gesundheit!)

Yes, today’s National Cashew Day. I wonder what lobby got that one declared? Anybody? Anybody? Bueller?

Anyway, it’s okay. They’re quite nutritious, actually. (Get it? NUTritious? Man, I CRACK me up. A lot.) Without the doughty cashew we wouldn’t be able to make bad jokes. No cashew, no cashew chicken or cashew shrimp.

The world would […]

One Week to Go; You Ready for the Invasion of the Turkeys?

No, I’m not talking about your in-laws, although you may be spending some time with them soon. (I certainly will. And that’s a Good Thing.) We’re now less than 170 hours until the annual contest to see who can get their tryptophan coma on first. Of course, if excess dressing, gravy, mashed and sweet […]

Dill Pickles: They’re Not Just for Breakfast Anymore

Today is National Pickle Day! Have you hugged a juicy dill pickle yet? Well, it’s about time…

Okay, not just dills, although those are my favorite. (I was weaned on a dill pickle.) If you’re a gherkin jerker, then get the jar out! Giardiniera is pickled too; don’t forget that!

Maybe you don’t care for pickles […]

The Big Day Arrives: Jack and Alma Celebrate Their 70th Wedding Anniversary

Sunday afternoon we all convened at the Thiebaud Auditorium (in beautiful, downtown Lamar) for the Big Event. And I mean ALL. Over 110 folks, or nearly everybody who’s anybody in Barton County, MO (and for miles around). At least five generations were represented, including a small army several of my cousins of all degrees […]