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Who Are the Highest Paid Chefs Today?

Forbes releases lists of top moneymakers in many fields. Food is not overlooked by the Forbes folks; they published their top ten earning chefs list recently.

Who’s on top? This year it’s Gordon Ramsay, the British cook with the big TV presence (and loud and caustic mouth) wins first place, with $38 million last year. Rachael […]

Too Many Recipes: How Do Chefs Deal With Recipe Clutter?

A quick note to show that you’re not the only one suffering from recipe madness. Chefs have the problem too! And some of them have solutions. (I’ve got thousands of recipes on the computer, mostly unsearchable; and 9 big three-ring binders of printed stuff, ditto.) Clever solutions, in many cases. Read the article from […]

Friday Follies: What's the Strangest Thing You Ever Ate?

I don’t know what the fascination is with strange food. There are so many wonderful dishes I haven’t had yet (and in some cases, are not likely to ever get around to trying) that I don’t go out of my way to eat Strange Stuff. The allure must be strong, though; how else can […]