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Want Some of the Really Hot Stuff? Then Get This Shirt…

We use the word “hot” pretty indiscriminately these days. The weather’s hot; this food’s hot; that song’s hot. My car’s hot (inside) these days. Or fill-in-the-blank-with-favorite-actor/actress is hot. And on and on.

In the zesty food game, hot has a pretty distinct meaning. Where is it on the Scoville scale? The bigger the number the […]

I Got the Job! Now, to Really Cook…

Some of you may have been wondering where I got off to. The Chile Underground has been fairly quiet since the start of the year. Well, the secret can now be told! I was doing something I hadn’t done in many years: I was seeking gainful employment.

Yes, yours truly was out there looking to […]

Summer’s Almost Over: Fun at Texas Lutheran

I spent an interesting Friday afternoon at Texas Lutheran. The fall semester is about to take up, and we have a plot afoot: We’re going to use some of the facilitative methods we’ve built for industry to see if we can push the freshman Chemistry students to be more successful. A big challenge! Performance […]

Great Science and Mall Walking in Washington

Today I visited with my sister-in-law, Dr. Liz. (I’d give you her full name, but since she got married I can’t remember all her last names.) I know, that nickname makes her sound like some sort of relationships therapist or something, but actually she’s a gim-crack polymer scientist working in tissue engineering. She’s also a […]