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Sorry to Burst Your Bubble, But RO*TEL Plus Velveeta Does Not Equal Queso

A recent post on Slashfood asks, “What the hell is that?” The author, Jose Ralat Maldonado, explored the “queso” that is Velveeta and RO*TEL prepared tomatoes and chiles (and that’s the last time I’ll use that silly trademark). One of his premises is that Texans love the stuff. Another is that this mix was […]

Happy "Birthday: Chile Underground: A visit to Matt's Famous El Rancho

Everybody’s having birthdays these days. It’s so fashionable that I hear some folks celebrate one every year! Imagine that.

Matt’s Famous El Rancho just celebrated 56 years of serving great Mexican food here in Austin, for instance. I had lunch there today to help them celebrate. Well, okay; not to help them celebrate, exactly. I was […]