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Eating Peppers is Good for You, Maybe: News on Parkinson’s Disease

The Elves here at the Chile Underground have ben espousing increased consumption of peppers of all types for years now. (They’ve also been espousing massive consumption of beer and meat-on-a-stick, but that’s for another article.) Now there’s scientific evidence that their push to get everyone to eat chiles is well-founded. Actually, it’s not their push […]

Austin Area Man Plants 7,000 Peppers in Back Yard to Counter North Korea’s Threats

Recent news of an imminent threat of nuclear bombardment has had many folks in Austin considering how best to respond. One enterprising young fellow has already taken action, however, and planted a record number of hot pepper plants in his back yard.

“North Korea and their nuclear missiles? Shoot, we’ve got fireworks louder than that, every […]

Peter Piper Pickta Pecka …

Hot peppers everywhere these days. Every roadside stand and farmers market has them, in wild profusion and massive mounds.

Even my petite pepper patch is producing a plethora of peppers. Time to make some jelly; and pickled peppers; and Cowboy Candy…

Enjoy the (Picked and Unpickled Peppas) Heat!

Garden Upgrade in Progress; Please Wait…

This year I’m getting serious about the garden. I mean, what with the Mayan Apocalypse upon us, I figger I better have a goodly store of canned veggies on hand. In case I get left behind or something. I mean, you just never know about these things! But I digress.

I’m ordering a few tons of […]

Best (and Worst) Foods for Digestion

An article by Health.com’s Amanda Gardner points out some of the reasons that those of us who are “approaching maturity” may have tummy troubles. Things like too much fried food and too little exercise. Not that the denizens of the Underground have those issues; no, that’s purely theoretical. Interesting, but not germane.

Then she goes on […]

The Irish Food Effect

I’ve been reading too much about Irish food; now I’m scared. I don’t mind the meat-and-potatoes aspect of their cuisine. No, it’s the lack of chile peppers that has me concerned.

I need to get a two-week supply of capsaicin stored in my fatty tissue muscles! I’m on my way to the store to get […]